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From ticket prices surging to the cost of concessions increasing, visiting the movie theater is rarely an inexpensive trip nowadays, so finding any way to save a little money is always welcome. Sometimes this can be as simple as taking advantage of a rewards program or attending a matinee screening, but last weekend two moviegoers tried to pay for only one Black Panther ticket by donning a giant trench coat and pretending they were one tall person. You can get a taste of the shenanigans in the video below.

I can't confirm this, but I'm fairly certain that this patron is named Vincent Adultman, and he decided to see Black Panther after a long day of doing a business at the stock market. (Bojack Horseman, anyone?) As I'm sure many of you know, kids stacked on top of one another while wearing a trench coat and hat to pretend they're an adult is a well-worn trope in comedic movies and TV shows, but sadly, it's not a trick one can successfully pull off in real life. You can watch the preparation for this scheme in the next Pillsbury video, as well as the man at the kiosk telling the "man" that he can't sell him a ticket unless he gets down.

Presumably after being turned away, those two guys and their friends stashed the trench coat and hat in their car and then went back to buy Black Panther tickets for real. While they failed in taking advantage of a two-for-one deal, at least these folks were able to provide a few laughs for the other people standing in line. That being said, if these guys are so keen on saving some cash when visiting the movie theater, maybe they should consider subscribing to MoviePass.

It's only been five days (including Thursday night screenings) since Black Panther was released, and the latest MCU movie has already made tremendous waves across the world. Along with earning numerous positive reviews from critics and average moviegoers alike, it's made over $426 million globally. While Black Panther 2 hasn't been officially announced yet, given how successfully T'Challa's first standalone movie has performed in less than a week, it's hard to imagine Marvel not green-lighting a sequel for Phase 4 at some point.

You can find out what we here at CinemaBlend thought of Black Panther by reading our review and To 3D guide. T'Challa and several members of his supporting cast will return for Avengers: Infinity War on May 4.

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