If you need an indication of how much the movie industry has changed in the past couple of years, take a look at the movies coming to theaters this March. This is a line-up that used to be reserved for a May or June release slate, but now thanks to films like Zootopia and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, March is a fertile proving ground for would-be blockbusters and untested properties. If you thought February was interesting, wait until you see the big movies coming to theaters this March.

Ready Player One

Seeing Steven Spielberg return to the world of blockbuster thrills with Ready Player One is like watching your favorite musical act come back onto the stage for an encore. Part of his usual 1-2 punch of awards contender / blockbuster spectacle, the Ernest Cline adaptation follows up The Post and promises to be an eye-popping blend of futuristic action and nostalgic heart. The fact that all of this is happening under the watchful eye of the man that helped inspire it is just another 1-Up to this film's credit.

Release date: March 29

Death Wish

As with any remake, the question of whether Death Wish should have been revived in this more modern era is a question that has definitely been raised more than a couple times. But discounting that query, if you were going to remake the classic tale of a father turned vigilante taking down crime one perp at a time, this is how you do it. Bruce Willis, Joe Carnahan, and Eli Roth are the trio that you'd not only expect, but trust to deliver a pulpy bash to the face such as this, so at the very least, this is an idea that has the right team behind it.

Release date: March 2

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