The Funny Joke Disney Played On Kevin Smith After His Heart Attack

Writer, director, podcaster and professional fanboy Kevin Smith suffered a nearly fatal heart attack a little over a week ago, and in the wake of that, he has communicated some sincere and candid reflections about the experience and his life in general. Kevin Smith has spoken about making some lifestyle changes to improve his health moving forward like going vegan, and with that in mind, the folks at Disney Channel played a solid joke on the filmmaker, taking something he told them about and running with it.

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This would be highly embarrassing if the folks at Disney Channel really did mistake Kevin Smith for Kevin James, but in fact they just remembered what Kevin Smith said and decided to give him a good chuckle. Being heartfelt and serious is often the mode of behavior in situations like these, and I'm sure that Kevin Smith received plenty of well-wishes of that nature, but laughter is the best medicine, and Disney Channel delivered in spades here. The joke is so good that Kevin Smith doesn't even want to eat the cookie and he even played along in his Instagram post, thanking his 'TV wife' Leah Remini. This just goes to show how much the people at Disney Channel were paying attention when Kevin Smith relayed the anecdote about getting mixed up with King of Queens' Kevin James. The best and most thoughtful gifts are those that show you were paying attention, and it's clear the cable network was.

If there is one thing Disney tends to get right, it's the details, and this 'get well soon' card and cookie not only references the Fatman on Batman's mix up with The King of Queens, but also touches on the transition to veganism and delivers a Mary Poppins reference. Bravo, though I must admit, I had no idea that there were people who mixed up Kevin Smith with Kevin James. I mean, they are both portly actors named Kevin, but beyond that I struggle to understand the confusion. Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, sure. Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman, definitely. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem, maybe, but this one I don't see.

It is great to see that Kevin Smith is in such good spirits, joking and having fun after such a traumatic event. Even though he's had to have a sober assessment about his diet, he seems to be taking it all in stride, facing life and death with a level of acceptance and gratefulness that is not easy to do. Fortunately, Kevin Smith is on the mend and will hopefully be bringing more of his unique films to audiences again soon. The director seemingly has a lot of projects in the pipeline too, although which ones will really come to light remains to be seen. He has the horror film Killroy Was Here, the final entry in his True North Trilogy Moose Jaws and the long-awaited Jay and Silent Bob Reboot all at some stage of development with fans eager to see them.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest news on Jay and Silent Bob and all of Kevin Smith's future projects.

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