Laura Dern's Star Wars Blaster Noises Actually Made It In Into The Last Jedi

There is something about Star Wars that appeals to the kid in all of us. Young and old, who among us doesn't want to fly the Millennium Falcon, wield a lightsaber or shoot a blaster? This extends to the stars of these films as well as we heard that actress Laura Dern was ruining takes on Star Wars: The Last Jedi by making blaster noises with her mouth, as is only natural to do. Well, apparently this was a difficult habit to break and Laura Dern can actually be seen doing it in the final film. Check out a moment from the Digital release of the movie, below:

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Laura Dern is a multiple time Academy Award nominee, as well as an Emmy and Golden Globe winner, but some acting challenges are just too great. For Laura Dern, a Star Wars fan who nearly cried just being on set, shooting a blaster without saying 'pew' was an insurmountable task. It happened so quickly that you might not have noticed it in the theater, but the film is now available on Digital and a @DaisyRidleee made a gif of the moment for all of us to delight in. What's great is you can now watch the scene and see Admiral Holdo being a badass and also an embarrassed Laura Dern, who is unable to help herself from playing like a little kid firing a blaster. And who can blame her? Such a response is nigh involuntary for a lifelong Star Wars fan. You jerk your hand away from a hot stove, you shiver when cold and you say 'pew' when firing a blaster; we're only human after all.

Beyond being another endearing reason to be a Laura Dern fan, this is fun in that it actually made the final cut of the film. Rian Johnson could have used a different take or had it framed in such a way that you couldn't see her mouth move, but he left it in. I haven't seen all of the bonus features, but a smash cut of all the times Laura Dern makes audible blaster noises would be, well, a blast. What's so interesting now is that many of the people involved in these new Star Wars films, in front of or behind the camera, grew up as fans of the franchise. They've watched the movies, played with the toys and dreamt of stories and adventures in a galaxy far, far away. Seeing people who love Star Wars so much that they can't help but revert to their childhood selves while actually acting in the movie, is pretty awesome.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available on Digital HD and the film drops on Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on Marcy 27th. You can see some more people firing blasters when Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25th.

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