Hollywood has been working for years to try and turn successful video games into successful movies. While they have been met with limited success, these studios have yet to really make a movie that has won over audiences on a broad scale. The most recent effort, Tomb Raider, was not the first great video game movie that so many of us have been waiting for, but it was the closest that we have come so far, and it was clearly a step in the right direction. It certainly qualifies as the best movie based on a game so far.

Tomb Raider wasn't perfect, but it was good. That by itself puts the movie above nearly all its competition. There are several things that Tomb Raider did right in making the transition from the video game to the theatrical release. Here are a few of them.

A Strong Lead Performance

If there's one thing that most of the reviews have agreed on, even those that didn't love the film, it's that whatever faults Tomb Raider has, Alicia Vikander is not one of them. The actress puts forth a strong performance as the new Lara Croft and is able to make her a believable action hero while also making her a relatable character. This is a Lara Croft you want to see overcome the odds, and you want to see just how she does it. It's possibly the best performance ever in a video game based film. She not phoning it in and she's not over the top. This is an "action hero" character to be sure, but not a character from a video game who is all powerful. This is what happens when you talk Oscar winners into playing video game characters.

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