We've all done it: we load our Netflix streaming queues with movies we've been meaning to watch again, or for the first time, after seeing them available. And yet, month after month, when it comes time to refresh the line-up, one thought recurs just as frequently: what am I going to miss? Well, if you're worried about what you'll be missing out on during the month of April, you're in luck! We've got a list of titles that you probably have in your queue and should be revisit as soon as possible. Otherwise, April's showers will wash away your last chance to enjoy these films without the aid of discs or other streaming methods.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

While it's been threatened for some time now, movement on the proposed reboot of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective has just started to find its feet. After re-watching Jim Carrey's breakout film role, it's easy to see just why it might have taken so much time to get this one off the ground, as the original is pretty damned iconic. If you haven't heard a friend yell "Laces out" during at least one football game, or seen a friend walk out of the bathroom thinking "Do not go in there!" is the right joke for the occasion, you just might need to sit everyone down and give them a reason to question why anyone would try to lay a finger on this modern classic.

American Pie

How's this for scary: if you were watching American Pie back in high school when the film was released, you might be old enough to have kids who you can introduce the film to on your own terms. Which would be an interesting exercise, considering how raunchy the film was considered back in the day. To think, we were all once Jims and Michelles, only to grow and become Jim's dad, or one of the various parental equivalents in the film's universe. So sit your kids down, prepare them for the majesty that is adolescent humor and a Blink 182 cameo, and pass the torch to your youngsters, should it be the right time.

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