Every month, Netflix does a sort of dance with its subscribers. They add brand new content for the folks at home to enjoy, while at the same time they take away movies that their viewers may want to have watched before they said goodbye. It's a cycle that cannot be stopped, and as such we feel it's part of our job as an entertainment news provider to help you catch the more important films leaving the queue. Which is why we're here yet again with a list of several movies that deserve another watch through, before leaving this digital coil.

If you're curious about our selections for what left us in February, feel free to read them at your leisure. Now though, it's time to see who's March-ing on and out the door through next month's cycle.


While she's not a Disney princess, Anastasia's main character is a figure of historical legend. A musical adventure romp that tells a very fictionalized account of the woman who was claimed to be the last of the Romanov royal family, this one's a cult classic for animation fans. So much so that there's currently a more grounded Broadway musical based off of the film, and the true story, but still using the memorable songs from Anastasia's soundtrack. You should take this journey to the past while you can, without the bother of remembering to keep this clamshell out of your Disney collection.


If you're a true Steven Spielberg fan, you're probably hungry for something between his Academy Award nominated picture The Post and his would-be blockbuster Ready Player One. While the latter film won't be out until the end of March, we can definitely recommend Jaws as an appetizer between the director's latest efforts. Though even if you're not a dyed in the wool Spielberg devotee, you can't go wrong with this classic blockbuster as a hint of the summer season, with its big-ticket thrills.

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