Rampage’s Action Scenes Are More Intense Than James Bond, According To Naomie Harris

Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris in Rampage

The Rampage cast is packed full of actors that have shown their action mettle and earned their chops in the genre. But while Dwayne Johnson, Joe Manganiello and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have popped up in various impressive action extravaganzas, only Naomie Harris can say that she has appeared in a James Bond film, as she has played Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall and Spectre.

But Naomie Harris insists that Rampage's action scenes are actually crazier and more intense than those from the Bond franchise. And lest we forget she was prominently involved in Skyfall's stunning opening sequence. But, Naomie Harris told me and a group of other film journalists that were lucky enough to visit the set of Rampage last year that even that sequence doesn't compare to the stuff she was working on in the disaster film. When she was asked about Rampage's action sequences, Naomie Harris responded,

Oh my god, they've all been crazy, to be honest [laughs]. I mean, from like being in a helicopter -- you, know, they actually created a helicopter on a rig so that when we were crashing it actually feels like you're crashing -- to creating this huge government plane inside where we're like on harnesses and pretending that the back of the plane is blown out, and we're being strung up from the ceiling. I've never -- I mean I've done action movies before, obviously with James Bond and other movies like that -- but never anything like this. It's all been literally insane. Even like the shooting here [Atlanta] where this building is supposed to have come down, and you see the debris and the destruction -- it's a mad movie!

Naomie Harris then went into more detail about a particularly "insane" helicopter sequence, calling the entire experience "absolutely terrifying," while admitting that it was quite hard to adjust to the rigors of shooting it. The Oscar nominated Moonlight actress recalled,

The first time I was in the helicopter it was absolutely terrifying, because what you have is you're in this helicopter, it's on a rig so it's moving up and down, and then you have a green screen in front of you and you have, like, five numbers, and they'll say, 'Look over there to number four! The gorilla's coming, look over there! That's the crocodile, look over there!' So they'll tell you what these numbers mean, and then when the scene starts they'll say, 'Number three! Number five!' I was just looking all over! I didn't know what the hell was happening over here! And of course Dwayne is the master of all that, so he was brilliant, so he knew exactly what was happening. But it took me a long time to get to grips with that. That was the hardest part!

We'll finally get to see this sequence in all of its glory when Rampage is released into cinemas on April 13.

Gregory Wakeman