Ryan Reynolds Shared An X-Men Version Of Where’s Waldo, And It’s Perfect

For April Fools Day, Google Maps orchestrated a special hunt for Waldo with a fun Where's Waldo game... but it kind of pales in comparison to Ryan Reynolds' social media game this weekend. The Deadpool star offered up his own version of the classic puzzle game with an X-Men theme, and as you can see below, it is quite awesome:

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Ryan Reynolds' Instagram post is more in celebration of the Easter holiday than April Fools Day (hence the literal Easter Eggs that are hidden all over the picture), but more fun than spotting the colored, unhatched chicken embryos is the presentation of the various X-Men movie characters. Deadpool can be spotted in the middle of the image about to be crushed by Cable and sporting a pair of bunny ears, but there is so much else to love. For example, Patrick Stewart's Professor Xavier chasing James McAvoy's with a pair of scissors, ready to cut off his hair:

Where's Waldo Deadpool

Blind Al driving around in a semi-trailer truck:

Where's Waldo Deadpool

Beast hanging out with Belle on the lawn:

Where's Waldo Deadpool

And Wolverine and X-23 having some father/daughter fun:

As for the actual Easter egg hunt, I spotted 15. How many can you find?

Hit the comments section below to tell us what your favorite part of this Deadpool/X-Men-themed Where's Waldo is - and be sure to be on the look out for more news about Deadpool 2, which is all set to arrive in theaters on May 18th (which you may notice is teased on the top of Dopinder's overturned taxi).

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