The following contains SPOILERS for Ready Player One.

Ready Player One had a solid opening weekend and is getting equally solid reviews for being an enjoyable adventure movie that fans of pop culture will especially enjoy. The ride is certainly an enjoyable one, but that doesn't mean it is entirely without bumps.

The film had a lot of ground to cover in its two and a half hour runtime, and in order to do so, it moves at a pretty fast clip. As such, the movie leaves a handful of questions unanswered by the end. Some of these are intentional mysteries, but others just feel like dangling threads. Here are some questions we have about Ready Player One.

Who Discovered The Race?

At the beginning of Ready Player One, we learn that the first clue had already been deciphered and that it led to a race that, thus far, nobody had been able to complete. We're told that the identity of the person who solved it was unknown, but how can that be? The hunt had only been going on for five years. It's not like this stuff was lost to the ages. Was finding the race seriously worth zero points on the scoreboard? Did the avatar really decide to remain anonymous? There would have been no harm in making yourself known, at least inside the OASIS. Unless, of course, the puzzle had never actually been solved, and the race just opened on its own in order to get things moving, perhaps as a fail-safe instituted by James Halliday himself?

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