Big Brother Winner Has Saved Two People Having Seizures In Movie Theaters

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Dr. Will Kirby is a popular dermatologist in Southern California who has simultaneously built himself a TV career following an appearance on Big Brother that led to him winning Season 2 of the hit CBS show. He may soon be more known as a doer of good deeds, however, after having helped not one but two seizure victims at a movie theater over the weekend. Here's what happened.

On Friday, the doctor was visiting the Cinemark Playa Vista movie theater with his wife, reality TV star Erin Brodie, when a man began having a seizure in the front row of the theater. Dr. Will Kirby did what many doctors would in the situation. He sprinted into action, per TMZ. One he got to the front of the theater and stabilized the man having the seizure, he also stayed with him for nearly 20 minutes until emergency medical services was able to take the man to the hospital. After nabbing some applause, the theater played the second half of the film for audiences, who patiently waited while the medics came and did their thing.

The movie in question that the former Big Brother contestant was seeing was the brand new comedy Blockers. It wasn't the only movie theater in Cinemark Playa Vista causing seizures that night. After Dr. Will Kirby finished helping the man in the Blockers screening, theater workers actually asked the doctor to pop into a screening of new horror movie A Quiet Place, where a young woman was also suffering a seizure. Improbable? Yes. Did it happen? Also yes. Dr. Will Kirby reportedly also helped that woman until medics arrived, and received another standing ovation for his troubles.

I'm not sure how common it is for people who occasionally have seizures to suffer them at the movies, but it seems crazy that two people would have a seizure in totally different movies at roughly the same time at the same movie theater. I dunno if there's something going on in the projections over there, but if Cinemark keeps causing seizures, the theater may want to look into that. In the meantime, they gave Dr. Will Kirby free movie passes, so presumably he'll be attending that theater a lot in the near future. So, there's a chance he could be on hand should this type of thing ever happen again.

dr Will Kirby on Big Brother

Dr. Will Kirby won Big Brother back in 2001. He's also a graduate of Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and did his dermatology residency at Western University/Pacific Hospital. In the time since his first big TV appearance, he's also appeared on E! News, as well as episodes of shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Doctors. He's also still known as a memorable winner on Big Brother, and has periodically shown up on that series to help out with the jury roundtable segment on the show.

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