Tom Holland Says Spider-Man's New Suit Is Too 'Fantastical' To Really Exist

Avengers: Infinity War

Ever since Spider-Man made his triumphant return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the web-slinger has gone from neighborhood crime fighter to Avenger-in-training in record time. Part of that evolution has been Peter Parker's iconic Spider-Man suit. The suit started out as a homemade costume that Tony Stark dubbed a 'onesie' and it is now an A.I-equipped Stark creation with as many bells and whistles as the Iron Man armor. But a brand new movie necessitates a brand new costume and Spider-Man will be getting a truly amazing Iron Spider suit for Avengers: Infinity War. The suit is so advanced in fact, that it can't really exist, at least not in real life. Tom Holland explained on The Graham Norton Show:

Essentially, in this film, I have a new suit, which Tony Stark gave me. It's an upgrade, and it's too fantastical to exist in real life... Essentially I have to wear, essentially, pajamas. I wear these pajamas with balls on them that light up. It's super cool. It's not. I'm on set with the Avengers who are wearing costumes that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, made by the best seamstresses you can imagine, and I'm there in a suit made by Marks and Spencer.

In today's comic book movies, looking cool onscreen can sometimes come at the cost of looking very uncool during filming and that seems to be the case here. Avengers: Infinity War will see many of Earth's Mightiest Heroes sporting new looks but Spider-Man's new suit is probably the most awesome. The suit is an upgrade from the last one Tony Stark gifted to Peter Parker and this time it looks to be made from the same kind of metal as the Iron Man suit. Whether or not it has extra legs like the Iron Spider costume in the comics remains to be seen. Either way, the suit has looked great in action in the trailers, even if it will probably get completely wrecked by Thanos.

Obviously this suit is currently impossible to create in real life, so instead of rocking a claustrophobia-inducing costume like some of the other heroes, Tom Holland gets to wear a motion capture suit, which is not exactly stylish. It must be kind of funny to be on set with all these actors wearing incredible, expensive, practical costumes, like Chris Pratt who is wearing a killer jacket and Benedict Cumberbatch in a majestic cape, while Tom Holland doesn't get to look anything like his onscreen counterpart. On The Graham Norton Show, Tom Holland mentions that his suit looks like it came from Marks and Spencer, and as a Yankee I had to look that up. Marks & Spencer is a British retailer that as far as I can tell is like a JCPenney's that also sells food, so not quite high fashion.

Perhaps Peter Parker should talk to Shuri and get him a vibranium suit, or if Disney crosses their properties he could talk to Edna Mode and see what she can come up with. Of course Spider-Man won't be the only one sporting a new look for the battle with Thanos. Iron Man looks to have a new suit and Cap will be testing out some impressive facial hair while Black Widow goes blonde. Then of course there is the lingering absence of Hawkeye, which some have speculated is due to Clint Barton adopting a new costume and identity as Ronin in the film.

Everyone will be wearing their best that they want to be buried in when Thanos comes to town in Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters on April 27th.

Nick Evans

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