A Rogue One Character Has Been Spotted In The Latest Solo Trailer

Tam Posla

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the second Star Wars movie to focus on a side story rather than the main conflict of the franchise, and it turns out that it will include at least one character who was in the first Star Wars Story. A background character from Rogue One who has been growing in popularity is also a background character in Solo. If you look to the right of Han Solo in the image above from the most recent trailer, you'll see a man dressed mostly in black, but with a white helmet covering his face. That is the bounty hunter known as Tam Posla.

He's certainly not a household name, even among most Star Wars fans as he's simply one character among dozens who is wandering around the background on the planet Jedha when Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor arrive there looking for Saw Gerrera in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In fact, he's even harder to recognize, as the one shot of him that made it into the final cut of Rogue One doesn't even include him with his helmet on, though you can recognize the rest of the outfit.

Tam Posla Rogue One

What we do know of the character of Tam Posla comes from The Ultimate Visual Guide to Rogue One, which describes Tam Posla as a former lawman turned bounty hunter. According to the book, Posla was on Jedha hunting for Ponda Bobba and Dr. Evazan, two characters from the cantina scene of the original Star Wars who make a more noticeable cameo in Rogue One. In the interim, Posla has been a recurring character in the Doctor Aphra Star Wars comic book series.

It seems that Tam Posla has a tendency to find himself in important times and places in Star Wars history, as ScreenRant spotted him in the crowd watching the moment that Han Solo and Lando Calrissian meet each other across a Sabacc table. Obviously, we don't know if this moment is a little easter egg for the fans in the know or something more. It could simply have been a case of needing to costume up a bunch of extras and having the outfit available, or it could be an intentional addition in order to add more to this character's history. Perhaps he'll end up interacting with the main cast at some point. Considering that Ron Howard has included the Star Wars characters of Tag and Bink somewhere inside Solo: A Star Wars Story, making them officially canon, it's unlikely Posla's inclusion is anything other than intentional.

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