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Will We See Jyn Erso Again? Here's What We Know

Rogue One

*WARNING: Guard your eyes and steel your hearts. This post contains massive spoilers for _Rogue One_. *

Again, this is a HUGE SPOILER so tread carefully if you haven't seen Rogue One yet. We're not playing around people!

After years of waiting, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally in theaters. And in addition to stealing the plans for the Death Star, it looks like these Rebels have also stolen our hearts. The movie is boasting an impressive gross at the box office, and critics and fans happy to finally have good things to say about a prequel. Rogue One introduced a host of new characters to the Star Wars mythology, but it's been unclear if any of these characters could appear in future Star Wars movies. Despite the finality of her story, JynErso, one of the standout characters of the film, could have one more Star Wars film left in her.

Now we enter spoiler territory. Those who have already seen Rogue One, are probably saying "But wait -- Jyn was undebatably vaporized at the end of Rogue One. That would seem to end any speculation about her future." You'd be right, but it turns out there's some creative wiggle room that would allow for Jyn Erso to grace movie screens once again. THR is reporting that sources close to production have told them that Felicity Jones -- who plays Jyn -- has one more film appearance in her contract. This means that, should the brains behind this new surge of Star Wars films wish it, they could bring Jyn back for another go around.

Jyn Erso won't be becoming a force ghost to magically talk to Rey, though. The Rebel hero's future in post-Rogue One set Star Wars films is over, but there's nothing that says she can't appear in movies set before the events of Rogue One. It just so happens that Disney is working on a few movies that fit that bill. The Young Han Solo film for instance almost certainly takes place years before anyone even heard of a Death Star. Knowing that Jyn was a criminal in her youth, it's not a stretch of the imagination to figure that she and a young rogue like Han ran in a similar circle. That's not to say she'd have a starring role, but it's an option.

Right now, Young Han Solo is the only other spin-off film officially announced, but it's rumored that a Boba Fett film has long been in the works. Depending on when that takes place, Jyn could very well run into the fiercest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

As far as Rogue One is concerned, the filmmakers have promised that there won't be a sequel. That makes sense seeing as how the entire cast is dead and the prequel literally leads directly into a 39-year-old film. We may never see Jyn Erso fighting the Empire alongside Luke, but if Disney decides to use her again, you can bet that we haven't seen the last of Jyn Erso.

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