There’s A Fight Scene In Incredibles 2 That Fans Are Going To Love

Jack-Jack and Bob Parr in Incredibles 2

This story will have mild spoilers for Incredibles 2, so turn back now if you want to enter the sequel knowing next to nothing.

If you paid close attention to the latest poster for Incredibles 2, you might have noticed a few interesting details that will tease happenings in the sequel. We saw the villain for the first time, the goggled menace known as Screenslaver. We caught a glimpse of new heroes The Wannabes. And you might have noticed baby Jack-Jack firing eye-beam lasers at a raccoon. Here, look:

That should be odd, until you learn that there's a fight scene in Brad Bird's upcoming sequel that the Incredibles 2 team seemed very proud and excited about, and it involves Jack-Jack taking on a raccoon. The studio showed off this lengthy scene at D23 recently, though it was in its earliest stages. During a recent trip to Pixar, CinemaBlend was able to see the final cut, and it's hilariously entertaining.

Pixar is doing what it can to keep Jack-Jack's powers under wraps for now, so I can tell you what I saw but I'll dance around some specifics. Basically, the scene proves that Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) doesn't quite understand the full scope of Jack-Jack's abilities. Late one night, with dad asleep on the couch, Jack-Jack spies a raccoon rummaging through the trash. Thinking that the animal looks too much like a criminal on the television set (they sport the same black mask around their eyes), the baby hero investigates, and the brawl begins. It's limited to the backyard, but it's a definite standoff between stubborn personalities, as the raccoon tries to fend off Jack-Jack's attack, only to see that he's horribly outmatched as the toddler's powers reveal themselves. We know from the first movie that Jack-Jack can immerse his body in fire, Human Torch style. The poster proves he has laser beams that can shoot from his eyes. And the raccoon scene shows off a full gamut of the baby's untapped abilities. They are a sight to see!

We can't show you the Jack-Jack versus Raccoon fight yet. What we CAN share is the most recent Incredibles 2 trailer, which dropped last week:

Brad Bird's Incredibles 2 is a sequel 14 years in the making. It catches back up with the Parr family as they are trying to get back into the public spotlight as Supers, but presents all new obstacles for this gifted clan. For more on the movie, hit up our Preview Page. For more on Upcoming Pixar Movies, bookmark our handy guide. And see Incredibles 2 when it opens in theaters near you on June 15.

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