Chicken Run Is Finally Getting A Sequel

Chicken Run Rocky Ginger and the hens laughing in the coop

Sequels can strike at any moment, especially if the fandom is on board, and the IP holders are willing. That said, even the staunchest fans of Chicken Run probably didn't expect to see a second installment come together at this point. Yet, as of today, those folks who signed will have a lot to celebrate about, as Aardman Animation has announced that they are indeed moving forward with development on a second Chicken Run film!

While there are scarce details reported by THR covering Aardman Animation's announcement of the sequel to the most successful stop-motion animated film ever, we do know Chicken Run 2 has a fantastic stable of talent already in its development coop. Sam Fell, best known for directing ParaNorman and Flushed Away, has been given the directorial duties, with Karey Kirkpatrick and John O' Farrell -- the writers of the original Chicken Run -- being brought back to craft the next chapter of Ginger, Rocky, and the rest of the gang's adventures. Rounding out the lineup of talent are fellow Aardman stalwarts are producer Paul Kewley, and executive producers Peter Lord and David Sproxton.

This news isn't as surprising as it may seem at the outset, because Aardman has been keen on Chicken Run 2 happening for some time, with today's news finally putting the film into active development. Considering the film grossed $224.8 million on a $45 million budget back in 2000, the reasons for a sequel to this potential franchise are pretty sound on paper. An added bonus is once the project officially moves forward, it makes perfect sense for this movieto be taking off at this time and place, as Aardman is working hard on next year's Shaun the Sheep movie, Farmageddon. This perfect timing would leave a lot of potentially re-usable sets ready to ease the film into shooting Chicken Run 2, should it be announced as going full steam ahead into production in the near future.

Of course, seeing as there will be at least 18 years that separate Chicken Run and Chicken Run 2, there are a lot of questions hanging in the air as to what the new film will be about. Above all others, the potential involvement of Mel Gibson as Rocky the Rooster will probably be one of those queries that'll be hotly debated between now and whenever further information is provided. Not to mention, the question of whether Chicken Run 2 will happen right after the first film, or if it will take place after 18 years in real time, will likely come up. (How long do chickens live, anyway?)

No matter the answer to those questions, having Chicken Run 2 to look forward to is a pretty pleasant occurrence. While it's still merely in development, and anything can happen on the road to production, the fact that the studio is actively working on a concept is reason enough to celebrate! Though if we're allowed to offer our two cents in the matter, we'd like to say that if Chicken Run 2 is a go, those wise-cracking mice, Nick and Fetcher, better be along for the ride!

While there's no release date or start date for Chicken Run 2, Aardman fans will be able to enjoy Early Man when it hits video on May 22nd, 2018. Not to mention, Shaun The Sheep Movie Farmageddon, is set to flock to theaters in the UK on April 5th, 2019. But if you're more concerned with entertainment you can see on theatre screens on the near future, check out our 2018 release schedule for everything that's coming down the pike.

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