Who Would Win In A Fight Between Wonder Woman And Thor, According To Chris Hemsworth

Wonder Woman

The debut of Wonder Woman doesn't simply bring the biggest female superhero to the big screen, it also brings a character inspired by classic myth to the DC universe to compete with the one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since there is a natural sense of competition between DC and Marvel, one has to wonder who would win in a battle between Marvel's Thor and DC's Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot recently posed this question to Chris Hemsworth and Hemsworth's response was clear and concise. Thor's going to get trounced.

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After seeing Wonder Woman, we're not sure we can disagree with Chris Hemsworth's response to the question posed on Katie Couric's Twitter feed. Thor is tough and all, and we've seen that hammer of his smash through endless bad guys, but Wonder Woman is in a class all by herself. The power that she shows off in the new film would likely rival that of Superman himself. We're not sure anybody in the MCU could stand up to her one-on-one.

To be fair, part of the reason is that Marvel's Thor within the MCU isn't really a god. He's a space alien with technology that is significant more advanced than Earth. That certainly makes him a superhero within the confine of the MCU, but technically he isn't really a god. The Amazons aren't necessarily gods either, though they were created by Zeus himself, so they're at least touched by the gods.

Chris Hemsworth's comments show that he has become as smitten with Wonder Woman as everybody else has this weekend. The film is expected to set box office records and the reception from both professional critics and the moviegoing audience at large has been overwhelming. Everybody thinks Wonder Woman kicks ass.

Chris Hemsworth comments aren't the only positive comments coming from the MCU side of the fence. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn has also used Twitter to congratulate Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. While the two companies may be rivals in many ways, a successful comic book movie is ultimately good for both of them, and good movies are just wonderful for everybody.

For her part, Gal Gadot appreciates Chris Hemsworth's honesty in admitting that her character would whip Thor's ass. However, she doesn't want to take his word for it. Gadot would love to pit the two together and find out for sure who would win.

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Needless to say, such a collision of worlds would be next to impossible, though such things have happened in comics, so maybe down the line, something like that could happen. I'd certainly buy a ticket to see such a clash. If we ever see Marvel and DC heroes fight on screen, can we just agree now that no fights get to end in a draw?

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