The Rock Has An Idea For A Movie With Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has become a massive movie star in recent years as he's become part of more than one major franchise, but he has yet to co-star with another major movie star, Dwayne Johnson. Recently, the Rampage star was congratulating Avengers: Infinity War for kicking the crap out of his movie Rampage at the box office, when he mentioned that fans are telling him he should make a movie with Star-Lord himself Chris Pratt. Johnson says he always listens to the fans, and that he actually has an idea for something the two of them could do together. Check out his comments below.

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It's not hard to imagine why fans would love to see Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pratt in a movie together. Both are huge stars who have tremendous screen presence. Both can handle action as well as comedy with equal skill. The only potential problem that I can see with these two in a movie together is the pair trying to one-up each other to see who could be funnier.

While The Rock says he has an idea, his Instagram video cuts off at that point, so we have no idea what sort of idea he has. The easiest idea could be considering Chris Pratt for a role in one of Dwayne Jonhosn's many upcoming movies. It's probably too late to add him in a significant role in something like the Hobbes and Shaw Fast and Furious spinoff or Jungle Cruise, both of which are expected to start shooting soon. Maybe there's a potential role in the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, that we know is planned for late 2019.

Of course, considering how busy Dwayne Johnson keeps himself, he must have countless movies that are in very early stages of development that we don't even know about yet. Perhaps one of those has the potential to be a vehicle for the two actors to share the screen together. Maybe there's a script that Johnson was considering doing, if only he could find the right co-star.

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Unfortunately, the likelihood of seeing the pair in a superhero movie together, the most popular current genre, would seem to be the least likely scenario. The two are working on opposite sides of the fence as Chris Pratt is obviously firmly entrenched in Marvel and Dwayne Johnson is set to be DC's Black Adam, if and when that character ever makes his debut in the DC universe.

Of course, we have no idea if Chris Pratt is as interested in this pairing as Dwayne Johnson apparently is, but if he's game, maybe there is a future buddy movie starring these two in our future. I'd certainly buy tickets.

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