New Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Trailer Finally Lets Nic Cage Play Superman

In an alternate history of moviemaking, Nicolas Cage would have played Superman in what ended up being the long delayed and eventually crushed Tim Burton film Superman Lives. Alas, time and studio politics robbed us of that moment, leaving überfan Cage unable to play the role of his dreams. But as with most things, time has healed the wounds, and now we get to see Nic Cage actually playing the last son of Krypton in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. Brace yourselves for movie history, as you watch that trailer below:

Nicolas Cage's Superman is a respected figure in the Teen Titans GO! To The Movies cast, but he has some harsh news for the young would-be heroes: they just aren't heroic enough to have their own movie. Having his point only proven to him throughout the trailer for the Warner Bros / DC animated film, his opinion is shared by pretty much everyone. Warner Bros executives, the entire DC hero and villain community, and even Will Arnett's Slade can't help but disrespect the Teen Titans -- with Slade being their main concern, as he plans to control the minds of the entire DC universe. Looks like Nicolas Cage picked the wrong day to start his career as a metahuman.

With all of the metahumor and tomfoolery in Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, it's only fitting that Cage be given the opportunity to embody the role he was meant to play. In a film where the original Green Lantern film is joked about, and Slade goes on a rant about how people should confuse Deadpool with him (not the other way around), Nic Cage's presence fits in with the rest of this film like a glove. It's just a shame they couldn't have animated his extremely interesting super suit, seen only in costume tests from years past.

The fact that Nicolas Cage likes to work is no Hollywood secret. However, you have to think he'd have a hell of a smile on his face when the call came in to ask for his golden pipes to join the Teen Titans GO! To The Movies cast. Taking this gig was probably as easy as breathing for him, and his vocal stylings are undeniably pure Cage. The approach is a pitch perfectly stoic Superman, with just a tinge of annoyed paternalism thrown in to tie the sardonic humor of Teen Titans Go into its version of the Man of Steel.

If you weren't looking forward to seeing Teen Titans GO! To The Movies before this trailer hit, then maybe you're mind is changed now that Nicolas Cage is here to fight for truth, justice, and the American way! Should that be the case, we'll see you in line on July 27th. That said, if your mind isn't changed, and you'd rather be going to see something else in theaters this summer, head over to the 2018 release schedule, and plan accordingly.

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