New Deadpool 2 Footage Is Full Of Sex Jokes And Action

Deadpool 2 marketing has, for the most part, avoided showing us a lot of the movie by focusing its trailers on Ryan Reynolds just being funny, but we finally have our first look at an uninterrupted scene in the movie, and it's vintage Deadpool. The scene was shown earlier this week when Zazie Beets was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While technically Domino is the focus of the scene, Deadpool is there to insert his unique humor, "accidentally" comparing an attack on an armored truck to a graphic sex act. Check it out.

We see what looks like a convoy of vehicles on a city street as Domino drops into one truck and takes out the driver. At which point, Cable arrives. We learn that the kid that Deadpool is trying to protect is somewhere in the convoy. Deadpool makes a crack about Domino's "non-existent powers" because she just happens to be incredibly lucky, which DP has scoffed at in previous trailers. Then Cable attacks the truck and Deadpool runs the play-by-play from a scooter in the back describing Cable as "coming in from the back" before "being inside."

Of course, the scene isn't too vulgar because the clip is being shown on broadcast TV, but the original Deadpool did not shy away from the graphic sex jokes, or even just the graphic sex, so we can probably rest assured that the sequel will double down on all of it.

In addition to being funny, the sequence has some great action showing Zazie Beets kicking some ass in what is clearly just a small part of a larger action scene. With several new characters joining Deadpool 2 there should be lots of fun new action to experience and lots of new targets for Deadpool's particular brand of humor.

As mentioned, there's actually quite a bit about Deadpool 2 that we don't know and haven't seen. While the promotion of Deadpool 2 has been going on practically since the end credits of the first movie, most of what we've seen has just been clips of Ryan Reynolds being hilarious, like the "trailer" placed before Logan or bits of Deadpool playing with action figures or dressed as Bob Ross, which filled out the trailers, allowing them to get away with putting less of the actual movie on display.

While Deadpool 2 has a road to the big screen that was nearly as rocky as the first film, we'll finally get to see the complete movie when it releases on May 18. While the film is currently tracking toward an opening weekend slightly behind its predecessor, there are clearly plenty of people who are still looking forward to seeing the Merc with a Mouth once again.

Dirk Libbey
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