Ryan Reynolds Does Not Have Deadpool's Ego, According To His Co-Star

Deadpool 2

As Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is abrasive, loud, smug and vulgar. While the actor seems to be the absolute perfect choice to play the Merc with a Mouth, it appears that the real Ryan Reynolds isn't like that at all. In a new profile of the actor coming out in advance of Deadpool 2, Leslie Uggams, who will return as the equally foul-mouthed Blind Al in the sequel, says that while Reynolds may be perfect as Deadpool, when the camera isn't rolling the ego goes away. According to the actress...

Offstage, he's not bigger than life. He's not like the Rock. When the Rock walks in the room, I'm sure it's like, 'Oh, my God, the Rock.' But that's not Ryan. He's not Mr. Hollywood.

To be fair, people probably do react that way when Ryan Reynolds walks in a room. He's still a movie star. But it seems that he doesn't necessarily go looking for, or even enjoy, that sort of attention. It is something of a disconnect considering just how perfect Ryan Reynolds is as the in your face Deadpool. You'd think there would have to be something of the character in him for it all to work so well, but it turns out the guy is just a really good actor. Who knew?

Also, are we sure that The Rock thinks of himself as "Mr. Hollywood?" Sure, he's the biggest star in the universe, and he clearly enjoys that status, but the guy actually at least appears to be down to Earth. What does Leslie Uggams know about Dwayne Johnson that she's not fully explaining to the New York Times?

Ryan Reynolds was a popular actor, but far from a huge star, before the whole Deadpool thing actually happened. His previous attempts at being part of massive blockbuster movies, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern famously failed to work out. Now, that he's the lead of a successful franchise, he's become one of the bigger names in Hollywood, though it doesn't appear this fact has gone to his head.

It's nice to know that Ryan Reynolds is actually a nice person. Far too often we discover that actors or other celebrities that we hold in high esteem are actually complete asshats. It's frustrating because it's difficult to separate the actor from the role once you know more about the actor than you wish you did.

While Ryan Reynolds might be a really nice guy, we'll get to see his alter-ego in just a couple weeks when Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters. The sequel looks to be just as funny, raunchy, and ridiculous as the first movie, and even if that's not the sort of person Ryan Reynolds is, he is the absolute best at making it look like it is.

Dirk Libbey
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