Margot Robbie Is Definitely Doing A Harley Quinn Movie, But What Is It Going To Be?

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was a bit of a mixed bag for the DC Extended Universe, commercially proving itself to be a powerhouse, but critically walking away with a lot of negative reception. But one Suicide Squad's elements that was widely praised was Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn, and in the nearly-two years since the movie's release, several Harley Quinn-centric projects have been announced. Earlier this month, we learned that one of these projects is definitely moving forward, and while it was originally reported that it would be Birds of Prey, Robbie has revealed that the title hasn't actually been settled on yet. Here's what Robbie recently said about the upcoming movie starring Harley:

I've been developing that for almost three years now. Now we're greenlit and moving ahead and we have our director so it's a very exciting time after a long process. Yes i'm a producer on that.That's Gotham City Sirens?No. It's a Harley Quinn girl gang film. Yet to be titled. With a female director. Female write. Female director. Another female producer. Girl power.

CinemaBlend's own Conner Schwerdtfeger attended a roundtable for Margot Robbie's new movie Terminal, and when the conversation turned to her upcoming DCEU work, the actress stated that while this newly-greenlighted project was not Gotham City Sirens, we also shouldn't be calling it Birds of Prey. Robbie previously acknowledged to Moviefone that although Gotham City Sirens (which would be directed and produced by Suicide Squad's David Ayer, and was written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet) and a Joker/Harley movie (which Crazy, Stupid, Love duo Glenn Ficara and John Requa were tapped to write and direct) were among the Harley Quinn-centric projects being explored, she didn't have any hand in developing those. This R-rated "girl gang film" has been her baby, and now it looks like it's finally going to be made.

The project we've known as Birds of Prey will be directed by Cathy Yan, and Christina Hodson (who also wrote Bumblebee and is working on the Batgirl movie), penned the script. It's entirely possible that this movie could still see Harley Quinn either fight or team up with heroines like Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress. On the other hand, even though this isn't Gotham City Sirens, calling it a "girl gang film" suggests that Harley could still hang out with fellow criminals like Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Whatever this particular movie ends up being about, count on it being her second DCEU appearance following her time with Task Force X in Suicide Squad.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates on how this Harley Quinn movie is progressing. In the meantime, you can look through our DC movies guide to learn what else this franchise has in development.

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