How Deadpool 2’s Terry Crews Feels About That Crazy Twist

Terry Crews as Bedlam in Deadpool 2

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Deadpool 2 ahead! Proceed at your own risk.

The inclusion of Cable and Domino in Deadpool 2 was enough to show that the X-Men film franchise was laying the groundwork for the X-Force, but then we learned that Deadpool would be putting together the team to help him protect Russell Collins, the pyrokinetic mutant Cable was trying to kill. There were even shots of characters like Bedlam and Shatterstar in action, but as those who watched Deadpool 2 this past weekend learned, it was a ruse! Instead of actually getting to battle bad guys, all of Deadpool's X-Force recruits aside from Domino veered off course and met grisly ends because the Merc with the Mouth didn't take the wind advisory conditions seriously. It was incredibly shocking (in Vanisher's case, literally), but Terry Crews, who cameoed as Bedlam, knew from the get-go these characters weren't long for this world, though he felt bad for having to keep it a secret. Crews said:

...I felt horrible. The fans were excited. But, to me, the purpose was to give the audience something they would never expect. And it was crazy to keep all that a secret. When we were shooting in Vancouver I had to walk around with blankets over me because there were spies. I just got a few pages, sometimes even just a few lines of the script. Our goal was not to let anyone find out what we were going to do. Because the fanboy culture wants to find out everything before it happens.

Nowadays it's harder than ever for a movie production to keep secrets from the public, so to fool fans, the Deadpool 2 crew shot some extra X-Force scenes that were strictly for marketing. Walking into the movie, you probably expected to see Bedlam punch that guy on the street, but instead, he was promptly struck by a bus upon landing. As Terry Crews told Business Insider, he knew from the moment he signed on that Bedlam and most of his X-Force teammates would be killed off, and even though he wanted to say something about his actual role in Deadpool 2, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star knew it was important to keep things under wraps. However, one Deadpool 2 element that came as a surprise to him, as it did regular audiences, was Brad Pitt was cameoing as Vanisher, as that was shot at the last minute.

Along with Bedlam being rammed by a bus and Vanisher being electrocuted, Deadpool 2 saw Shatterstar being chopped up by helicopter blades, Zeitgeist being sucked into a wood chopper and Peter having his arm melted off by Zeitgeist's acid spit. Fortunately for Peter, Wade Wilson went back in time during the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene to warn his mustachioed teammate not to go near the slowly-dying Zeitgeist, but everyone else in that sequence remains deceased. However, this isn't the end of the X-Force on the big screen. Drew Goddard is writing and directing an X-Force movie that will star Deadpool, Cable and Domino, but we haven't learned yet who will replace those who fell during Deadpool 2.

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