A Walking Dead Actress Wants To Play Batgirl

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Though most of the DCEU's adventures through Gotham City have primarily focused on Ben Affleck's Batman, there are other members of The Bat Family on the way, as well. One of the most exciting of the bunch is Barbara Gordon, who is expected to appear in the Batgirl movie, as well as the Birds of Prey film. No definitive casting announcements have been made yet, but now The Walking Dead's Katelyn Nacon has taken to social media to pitch herself as the next live-action incarnation of Ms. Gordon. Check out her tweet, below.

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As far as fitness goes, Katelyn Nacon arguably does seem like a strong contender for the role of Barbara Gordon in the Batgirl movie. She has the overall look of the Bat family heroine, showing a strong resemblance to many comic book and cartoon versions of Barbara over the years. Moreover, her performance as Enid on The Walking Dead has allowed her to showcase strength, intelligence, and resilience in ways that feel decidedly reminiscent of the Batgirl that DC fans have come to know and love over the years. Given the enthusiasm expressed in that tweet, it's clear that Nacon would be incredibly excited to receive such an opportunity.

What little information that we currently have about Batgirl seems to suggest that DC may have some big plans for the character. Some have theorized that the character will receive her introduction in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie directed by Cathy Yan, and that debut could see her spin off into her own solo film written by Bumblebee screenwriter Christina Hodson. DC has not officially confirmed when we will actually see any of these films but given Katelyn Nacon's current status as a TV actress, introducing her as a member of an ensemble could stand as an easy way to test her with audiences, and then use Birds of Prey as a springboard to eventually give her a solo franchise of her very own.

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If Katelyn Nacon were to find herself cast as Batgirl in the DCEU, she would also see herself in good company as far as her Walking Dead co-stars are concerned. Veterans of the AMC zombie series are no strangers to the world of DC films, as actors like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan both appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, respectively.

Though no official casting announcements have been made in the Batgirl corner of the DCEU, CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to the eventual debut of Barbara Gordon as new details related to the character are made available to us. Until then, mark the December 21, 2018 release of James Wan's Aquaman down on your moviegoing calendars and start gearing up for Arthur Curry's first solo adventure!

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