Deadpool 2 Might Poke Fun At Domino’s Luck, But Stan Lee Thinks It’s The Best Superpower

Deadpool 2

In Deadpool 2, the Merc With A Mouth makes fun of Domino's power of luck, continually joking around that it is not a real superpower or even the kind of thing that plays well onscreen. While Deadpool 2 treats Domino's luck as a joke, he might be surprised to learn that one Marvel creator feels very differently. For Stan Lee, something of an authority on the subject, when asked what the best superpower is and given the choice of either telepathy or shapeshifting, the comics legend had this to say:

Those are pretty good, I think I have a better one. I want you to think about this; it's not visual, there's no costume that comes with it - but what about unfailing good luck? If you're lucky, you've got everything: you automatically beat the villain; you automatically become wealthy; you automatically get the girl you want; you're lucky! That it the greatest power of all.

It's pretty hard to argue with Stan Lee's logic on the subject. This is a guy who has probably given a great deal of thought over the years to superpowers, including what works and what doesn't. Being good can only get you so far, right? There's always someone better, but luck, luck can always give you the edge. Just having the chips invariably fall in your favor is the kind of effortless superpower that does so much more beyond just helping you defeat a villain. It may not be the flashiest or the first superpower that comes to mind, but it is perhaps the one that is the most useful in all facets of life. Flight won't help you land that job and a healing factor won't help you get the girl, but it is always beneficial to have luck on your side.

Now, the kind of luck superpower Stan Lee was formerly talking about on The Ultimate Nerdament sounds like it is a whole extra level beyond what Domino's powers are capable of. The way Domino's powers work in the comics is by subconsciously and psionically using telekinesis to manipulate her surroundings to achieve desirable outcomes that appear to be a stroke of luck. The coin lands on heads, the wind blows the right way, the gun doesn't fire, etc. It's unclear if her abilities work that same way in the X-Men film universe, but as we saw with Zazie Beetz's Domino, her luck required no effort on her part, and she just breezed through obstacles without with complete confidence things would work out. But her life wasn't perfect, as her luck only extended so far.

But to have unfailing luck in all things, that is something else entirely. The luck power as Stan Lee describes it is basically just the power to have an awesome life. What you want a superpower for always play a factor in what you choose, but I've always been of the school of thought that teleportation is the best and most useful superpower over things like flight and invisibility, (flight doesn't save you from a cave-in) but it's hard to argue that luck doesn't surpass all of those as the best superpower all around. Leave it to Stan Lee to drop the hammer on this debate.

You can see Domino being lucky and helpful in Deadpool 2, in theaters now. For all the latest superhero news and geeky debates, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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