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Atom Tickets has made a big push to raise its profile recently, and the latest new offer from the service is a new "loyalty program." The idea? Users who are part of the loyalty program and use Atom Tickets frequently will be able to earn free tickets. Atom Tickets isn't the first service to create this sort of incentive program; Fandango released a similar program back in April. Still, it's a big move for the service to make to compete in an ever-changing movie world. And it's a sweet deal, to boot.

The new program, called Atom Rewards is available to users who download the app and purchase tickets through it. Those who order four tickets to movies via the app will land a credit to a free movie ticket, which should be simple and effective. Then, there's also a component where users can refer a friend. If a friend then buys a ticket within the next week, the person who referred that friend will also receive a credit. Three credits will lead to a free ticket, as well, although we should note that those using the app in Canada and going to this trouble will only get a free popcorn. Atom Tickets can currently be used for over 20,000 screens and recently added 1,000 Harkins Theaters options to its platform.

Once users land a free ticket, they have 30 days to use that ticket. In addition, so far, the program may end after November 30, 2018.

Fandango's VIP+ program, on the other hand, is currently set as part of a 4-month plan this summer. Right now, the program is only set to run through August 31. However, it's similar to the Atom Rewards deal in that users earn points for every movie watched. After four movies, they earn $6 dollars in credit toward future movie purchase. After August, the service plans to evaluate whether or not to continue the project; regardless, the monies earned by users will continue to be available after the August 31 date.

Now that Atom Tickets is doing something similar, it may be and incentive for Fandango to keep its VIP+ program in play in the future. Only time will tell, however. Plus, beyond Fandango and Atom Ticket's services, there are other players cropping up in the movie ticket business, including MoviePass, Sinemia and Cinemark Movie Club. For a breakdown on how each of those stack up, you can take a look at our full guide.

If you'd like to learn more about the free Atom Rewards program, you can head over to Atom's site. There are obviously a lot of big movies hitting theaters this summer, but there are some cool lower profile movies that will hopefully land big audiences, as well, and there are myriad ways to nab tickets these days. Be sure to look at our full schedule to see what's coming to movie theaters soon.