New Halloween Reboot Footage Nods At The Original Movie

He is coming home again later this year, and by he, I mean Michael Myers. The iconic killer clad in a black jumpsuit and a William Shatner mask is set to terrorize Haddonfield, Illinois one more time when Blumhouse's Halloween premieres and a new teaser trailer has just dropped showing us some excellent footage of the reboot. Upon closer inspection, however, it's also clear that director David Gordon Green is paying serious homage to some impressive set pieces from John Carpenter's original film. Check out the teaser, below.

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Right off the bat, we see that the film looks creepy, atmospheric, and downright reminiscent of the 1978 original. However, David Gordon Green goes a step further by seemingly making direct references to awesome moments that made the first film so iconic. The first of these moments is a very brief shot of mental asylum patients (presumably Smith's Grove Sanitarium, to be precise) wandering on the road in the middle of the night, only to be illuminated by the headlights of an approaching car. Whether intentional or not, this is directly reminiscent of the scene in the first film in which Michael escapes from Smith's Grove.

Then there's the creepy use of a sheet. In this teaser, we see a figure sitting in a chair in a ghost costume as the camera slowly enters a room in a POV shot. Though it's not an exact recreation, the moment appears to be a direct callback to the legendary moment in the original in which Michael masquerades as Bob under a sheet and then murders Lynda with the telephone cord.

The only thing missing in the new version of the scene is Bob's quintessentially 1970s glasses.

Halloween sheet bob's glasses ghost scene

In addition to the stuff that harkens back to the original Halloween, there is also some genuinely great new material in this teaser as well. Some of the moments include Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode practicing her marksmanship on a firing range (clearly anticipating the return of The Shape to Haddonfield), as well as Michael stalking various victims through a house, as he is wont to do. Though David Gordon Green is paying some notable homage to the first film, he obviously has his own vision for how he wants to proceed with this new, rebooted take on the Halloween mythology. Needless to say, we can't wait for the new trailer and eventually the full movie.

Make sure to give us your thoughts on this teaser trailer in the comments section below! David Gordon Green's Halloween will premiere in theaters later this year on October 19 (just in time for the holiday upon which the franchise is based), so make sure to mark the film's release on your calendars and watch out for the full trailer tomorrow!

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