Chris Pratt And Bryce Dallas Howard Prove Their Kids Are Not Like Us With Epic Jurassic World Visit

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There are undeniable perks to being a movie star. These perks include material items like free clothes or cool watches, not to mention nabbing exciting credits at the end of movies and getting to stay in luxurious places around the world. Even the kids of stars end up being privy to some pretty incredible experiences, as evidence by Chris Pratt's kid, Jack, and Bryce Dallas Howard's kids Theo and Beatrice. The kids got to visit the set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom during production when the animatronic dinos were out, proving once again that celebrities and their kids are not like us. Chris Pratt even explained that after the wildly expensive puppets were brought out, they got a show, too.

We've got a lot of animatronics on this movie, so they came on those days when half a million dollar puppets are being manipulated by a team of professionals, and they even put on a little show for them.

Yes, that's right, Chris Pratt brought his kid to the set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and got the production to play with the giant animatronic dinos. Honestly, I don't see how Jack's mom is going to be able to compete with that, as I'm assuming the Overboard set was not quite the same thing. Pratt also elaborated to ET about how it was way cooler than Chuck E Cheese or the other animatronic experiences normal kids get during childhood. He said:

It's pretty extraordinary. Baby Blue, the raptor, or a T-Rex that's 15 feet tall and just looks at [Jack] and winks at him. It was mind-blowing. It's like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids.

Sounds pretty cool. Then again, Bryce Dallas Howard admitted there wasn't a toilet around when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was filming in the wild, so maybe it wasn't all fun and games on the movie. Plus, there definitely are downsides to being a celebrity kid, like the higher level of scrutiny you receive in adolescence, and the fact that paparazzi are following you around all the time. If you get animatronic dinos as a bonus, so be it.

Bryce Dallas Howard, who was a celebrity kid once herself, also talked about the fact that she got to go onto the sets of her dad Ron Howard's movies as a kid and pal around. She called those memories "especially meaningful," and it seems clear they hold a place in her heart. With that in mind, likely these will be memories that Beatrice, Theo and Chris Pratt's Jack also remember forever, too.

While we all won't get an up-close-and-personal glimpse at the animatronic dinosaurs created for Jurassice World: Fallen Kingdom, we'll get the next best thing, which is seeing the flick on the big screen. While the movie has opened to big numbers in some countries already, domestically, the film doesn't hit theaters until June 22. For now, you can take a look at what we now about the flick with our full guide.

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