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Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode Halloween

Horror fans are in for a treat later this year when Blumhouse's Halloween reboot finally hits theaters forty years after the debut of John Carpenter's original slasher flick. There's a lot of anticipation to see what director David Gordon Green can bring to the table, as he's currently riding high off of the critical acclaim enjoyed by his Boston Marathon bombing movie, Stronger, from last year. That film generated quite a bit of buzz for the filmmaker, and it turns out that Stronger star Jake Gyllenhaal actually was the one who convinced Jamie Lee Curtis to return to the Halloween franchise following his collaboration with Green.

So, it seems that Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis are more connected than some of us may have previously realized. The two are close family friends, and Curtis even refers to him as her "unofficial godson." Given that close relationship, Variety reports that it was the Donnie Darko star who convinced Curtis to sign on for the Halloween reboot because he had such a good time working with David Gordon Green on Stronger, even reportedly going so far as to rank it as one of the top experiences of his career.

Jake Gyllenhaal Stronger

Once Jamie Lee Curtis got a chance to meet David Gordon Green, she fell back into a nice rhythm reminiscent of the one experienced when she worked on the original Halloween. In fact, the actress has likened David Gordon Green's style to that of John Carpenter, noting his calm and relaxed approach to filmmaking. After all, this is the guy responsible for Pineapple Express, so it makes sense to know that he has a lighter side when Michael Myers isn't butchering teenagers on the spookiest night of the year.

With Jake Gyllenhaal having convinced them to work together, now it's a matter of waiting to see what David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis can do. The first trailer for the Halloween reboot dropped last week and took the internet by storm, and it looks like the reboot will honor the first film in a major way, as it sets up a dark showdown between a scrappy and capable Laurie Strode (who has been preparing for this fight) and a perpetually-enigmatic Boogeyman with an affinity for white masks and kitchen knives.

Halloween fans will get a chance to see if Jamie Lee Curtis had an experience similar to the one enjoyed by Jake Gyllenhaal on Stronger later this year when Blumhouse's Halloween debuts in theaters on October 19. Make sure to check out the highly-anticipated horror film when it premieres, and don't forget to head over to our 2018 movie premiere guide to check out all of the other films on the horizon for later this year.