Netflix’s Brain On Fire Trailer: Watch Chloe Grace Moretz Deal With A Strange And Terrible Illness

Although it still gets the most buzz for its original series, Netflix is becoming increasingly known for its original movies. Anecdotally, the Netflix original movies that get the most buzz are high-concept science fiction or fantasy titles. However, Netflix aims to tell all kinds of stories and its latest movie is based on a true tale that is just as strange as any in science fiction. The film, titled Brain on Fire, stars Chloë Grace Moretz and is based on a memoir by author and journalist Susannah Calahan about her struggle with a strange and terrible illness. Check out the trailer for Brain on Fire in the video below:

There is almost something of a psychological horror vibe to this trailer as Chloë Grace Moretz's character is in fear of what's happening to her. In fact, she almost seems to be going insane. Without knowing anything about this movie prior to the trailer, I actually thought this might be going down a supernatural route. The visuals and tone of the trailer definitely give off that horrific element and I'm sure suffering such an illness is an absolute nightmare. There is something of a mystery that has to be solved, as the doctors try to find out what is wrong in order to save her; I'm very curious to see that aspect of the film, as well as the dramatic elements as Susannah struggles against the illness, her loved ones and herself. This would be a meaty role for any actor and Chloë Grace Moretz looks to be giving a committed performance here.

The fact that this is a true story is pretty unsettling. To be suffering from some sort of strange illness that as ruining your life but to have doctors at a loss is unimaginable. It's one thing to be sick, another to be sick with no cure, but to not even know what's wrong and if you can survive it is truly frightening. If you're curious about what was actually going on and can't wait to watch Brain on Fire or read her memoir, check out Susannah Calahan's piece in the New York Post from 2009. One interesting thing is that what was actually going on to Susannah may have been what was was really going on to people who were thought to have been suffering demonic posession throughout history.

As you can tell from the trailer, in addition to star Chloë Grace Moretz, Brain on Fire boasts quite the talented cast, including Carrie-Anne Moss, Richard Armitage, Tyler Perry, Jenny Slate and Thomas Mann. Brain on Fire is directed by Gerard Barrett and premieres on Netflix on June 22nd. Check out our guides to see all of the movies and TV shows heading to the streaming service in June and all of the original films set to hit Netflix this year.

Nick Evans

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