This year could go on the record as the most ambitious year for Netflix Originals, as the streaming provider is looking to add 80 original films to its stable throughout 2018. Now that'll obviously be a mixture of originals produced exclusively for the kingdom of the red envelope, as well as acquisitions that the subscription streaming service will sign deals for with studios like Paramount, etc. But between both of those options, it's set to be a banner year for Netflix.

With that in mind, we'd like to offer this handy guide to keep track of what's come before, and what's headed our way down the road. After all, 80 movies is a lot to keep track of, and with Netflix being a sort of high volume / low advertising budget sort of operation, you might not know some of these movies are coming until they wind up in your queue. So take a look at the rundown below, just to make sure that one special movie you've been looking forward to hasn't passed you by.

The Polka King Jason Schwartzman Jack Black talking in a restaurant with an older lady

January 2018 Releases

Before I Wake - 1/5/18
The Polka King - 1/12/18
Step Sisters - 1/19/18
The Open House - 1/19/18
A Futile and Stupid Gesture - 1/26/18

Mute Alexander Skarsgard walking in the streets of Berlin

February 2018 Releases

On Body and Soul - 2/2/18
The Cloverfield Paradox - 2/4/18
Seeing Allred - 2/9/18
The Ritual - 2/9/18
When We First Met - 2/9/18
Love Per Square Foot - 2/14/18
Irreplacable You - 2/16/18
FullMetal Alchemist - 2/19/18
Forgotten - 2/21/18
Mute - 2/23/18

Roxanne Roxanne Chante Adams Mahershala Ali confrontation in front of grafiti

March 2018 Releases

Les Affamés - 3/2/18
Ladies First - 3/8/18
The Outsider - 3/9/18
Benji - 3/16/18
Take Your Pills - 3/16/18
Wild Wild Country -- 3/16/18
Game Over, Man! - 3/23/18
Layla M. - 3/23/18
Roxanne Roxanne - 3/23/18
PARADOX - 3/23/18
First Match - 3/30/18
Happy Anniversary - 3/30/18

The Week Of Chris Rock Rachel Dratch Adam Sandler making a deal in a hotel

April 2018 Releases

The Week of - 4/27/18
The Rachel Divide - 4/27/18

Netflix standard red and black logo

May 2018 Releases

End Game - 5/4/18

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter Josh Brolin angry at a campfire

July 2018 Releases

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter - 7/6/18

Come Sunday Carlton Pearson Chiwetel Ejiofor preaching a sermon

TBD 2018 Releases

Come Sunday
The Other Side of The Wind
Set It Up
Eggplant Emoji
How It Ends
Private Life

Now as you'll see, some of these projects are not dated, or may have been moved from previously announced release dates. As such, you'll want to bookmark this listing and check back frequently, so you'll be able to see when changes have been made. In addition, if you're curious as to when your favorite shows will be coming back to Netflix this year, or have already, check out our listing for the 2018 schedule. Also, if you're curious what Netflix Original films we're particularly looking forward to in 2018 and beyond, take a look at our rundown of special picks.

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