One of the big blockbuster sequels hoping to take summer supremacy is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Considering that the first movie was one of the highest grossing films ever made, Fallen Kingdom has some big shoes to fill. The plot sees the characters returning to Isla Nublar to save the dinosaurs from an extinction-level event, only for everything to blow up in the worst way possible. It's been some time since the last Jurassic World, so what better time is there to catch everyone up in time for Fallen Kingdom this weekend?

The first Jurassic Park sequel in almost 15 years, Jurassic World was the franchise's big return to the spotlight, and while the movie isn't perfect, it's largely an entertaining return filled with dinosaur mayhem. A lot went down in the movie that will go on to inform Fallen Kingdom, so for anyone who's having a hard time recalling anything that didn't involve a T-Rex teaming up with a velociraptor to kill a mutant super dino, here are the six big points you need to remember.

Jurassic World Was An All-New Theme Park

John Hammond's dream of a theme park populated by real live dinosaur attractions was finally realized. Called Jurassic World, the park was a spiritual successor to Hammond's Jurassic Park, which never got off the ground due to dinosaurs trying to kill everyone, but the new owners didn't worry much about that part. Owned by billionaire Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) and located on Isla Nublar, Jurassic World was the most advanced and popular theme park in the world, mixing conventional theme park attractions with dinosaurs. Sporting dozens of attractions from petting zoos to automated tours through dinosaur herds, the park was an incredible achievement of technology. Of course, it also had several safety precautions and monitoring systems, but that doesn't help when the threat comes from within.

They Created Their Own Dinosaur

Much in the way that a typical theme park will build a bigger, more exciting ride to attract new crowds, Jurassic World felt that it had to do the same. Evidently, even the miracle of dinosaurs gets boring, so the park decided it had to recapture that original magic by creating an all-new species of dinosaur. The end result was the Indominous rex, a hulking, white behemoth meant to scare the pants off of attendees. Using DNA from other species like velociraptors, T-Rexes, and other animals, InGen (the research company that originally cloned dinosaurs) and scientist Henry Wu created a bigger, cooler, and scarier dinosaur in the form of the Indominous rex. They also ended up making a monster.

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