New Predator Trailer Features A Yo Momma Joke, More Action

If you're excited for the evolution of the Predator franchise, then Shane Black's upcoming film looks to have everything you need. The newest trailer has plenty of alien killing action, and a bit of humor too. Each new trailer for The Predator has shown us significantly more of the new movie than the one before, and this one is no exception. While it stops short of any major reveals, it does give us more of the fight between human and Predator that looks like just what fans are waiting for. Be aware, while this trailer isn't given an MPAA red band, it is not safe for work.

The new trailer puts the spotlight on the character played by Sterling K. Brown, who we haven't seen a great deal of up to this point. He acts as a sort of narrator for the trailer. We learn that he already knows a great deal about the Predator creatures, including that they "conquered space," so his knowledge even goes beyond this planet. He also knows something about the "other" Predator, which he calls the Ultimate Predator. It's existence was revealed in the previous trailer for The Predator. There will be at least two of the creatures in the movie and they're not necessarily on the same side.

While most of the action that we get in the trailer is out of context, much of what we see has not been part of previous trailers for The Predator. We see a lot of military and other personnel getting sliced up good. There's lots of blood spray all over this trailer, showing that The Predator will clearly be the R-rated action movie fans are looking for. If the violence wasn't enough, you have Keegan-Michael Key's dirty "yo momma" joke and an F-bomb dropped near the end of the trailer that confirms nothing about this movie is meant for kids.

While there's no major reveal in this trailer quite on par with showing off the bigger, badder Predator from the last trailer, there are a few interesting moments, including showing the kid from the very first trailer actually inside the downed Predator ship. It looks like the ship may be where the final battle in the movie takes place.

The Predator is avoiding the crowded summer movie season and will instead debut in September. While the film clearly has the action to find a home in the summer, since the movie will be rated-R, and thus will be limiting its audience to some degree, it likely decided to wait until the theaters calm down a bit so that everybody who can go to the theaters to see this one is a bit more likely to do so.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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