New Predator Trailer Features More Of The Villain

Fans of the Predator franchise are no doubt excited to see Shane Black's take on the subject. Now, a new trailer gives us a bit more information, and a much better look at the creature, or, should I say creatures because, as it turns out, there's actually more than one. Check out the newest trailer for The Predator now.

At just over a minute long the new trailer doesn't have that much to it, and it does reuse some footage, but since it doesn't spend a lot of time dealing with a kid opening a box, it focuses on the parts that most fans are looking forward to. An alien monster trying to kill a bunch of humans, and vice versa.

We're formally introduced to Boyd Holbrook's character as a Marine sniper who is part of the team that makes first contact with the Predator when it crashes to Earth. He appears to be the only one to survive the initial encounter. From there, he ends up on a bus with a few other people, including Keegan-Michael Key, who laugh at the idea that he fought an alien, before said alien attacks the bus. From there, the trailer goes into action montage mode with blades slicing and guns firing everywhere. However, it ends in a very interesting place, as we see the scene where Holbrook's character gets thrown up against the wall from the first trailer, but here, the scene continues on to show a second, larger, Predator, break through the wall and throw the first creature into a car.

Why there's a second Predator that looks intent to beat the hell out of the first one isn't clear, but what is clear is we're going to get some serious Predator versus Predator combat in this film. Whether or not one of them is a "good guy" or if Earth will just play host to an intergalactic grudge match, who knows, but it won't really matter if the action is solid.

It's a testament to the strength of the Predator character and the original movie that the creature has remained popular after all these years considering the fact that every successive sequel and spinoff has met with mixed reviews at best. Fans are certainly looking for The Predator to be the sequel they've always wanted, something with the same action and excitement that the original film had. It's difficult to say from the trailers if that will be the case. There really hasn't been much of a "wow" factor to these trailers, but it's possible that the good stuff is being held back in order to make the movie itself more surprising.

We'll find out when The Predator arrives in theaters in September.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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