New Skyscraper Trailer Focuses On Dwayne Johnson's Insane Stunt Work

dwayne Johnson challenges in Skyscraper

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has called the upcoming blockbuster Skyscraper his version of the popular action movie Die Hard, and all of the footage leading up to the movie has shown us his action chops. (Those are comparable to Bruce Willis, at the very least.) We've seen him jump from a giant crane into the large skyscraper, and now, thanks to the latest trailer from the folks at Universal, we can watch him rappel down the side of the burning building and jump through some other hoops in order to get to his family and save the day. You can take a look at the latest footage, below.

Dwayne Johnson plays a former FBI agent and a man with an amputee leg named Will Sawyer in the upcoming flick. He eventually becomes head of security at The Pearl, a new high rise that comes under attack from terrorists, who try to frame Sawyer and additionally put his family at risk. Will Sawyer, will have to save the day, and as the new footage shows, being an amputee adds added challenges to things like rappelling on the outside of the building.

Previously, footage for Skyscraper has shown more about Will Sawyer's backstory, as well as giving us gleaming looks at the beautiful high-rise construction that is about to come down, and the action sequences that will follow the terrorist attack. Dwayne Johnson is a sucker for a happy ending, so it'll likely be alls well that ends well in Skyscraper, but the journey to that ending should be chock full of stunts and amusing one-liners. In this new trailer alone, Will Sawyer admits, 'This is stupid' before propelling himself out the window of the skyscraper on a very high floor.

Skyscraper is Dwayne Johnson's second big release of 2018, the other one being the high-octane action adventure Rampage, a movie based on a video game. The actor is also coming off the widely successful Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which will be getting a sequel in 2019. In addition to those projects, Johnson also has Disney's Jungle Cruise, the Hobbs and Shaw Fast and Furious spinoff and a Black Adam-oriented movie in the works. All in all, over the next few years, we should all be smelling what The Rock is cooking, and he'll be taking the proceeds of those endeavors all the way to the bank.

Skyscraper officially hits theaters on July 13, 2018. To find out what else is hitting theaters before the end of the year, take a look at our full movies schedule.

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