Not Even The Russo Brothers Are Safe From Avengers: Infinity War’s Ending

Thanos throwing the moon

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone from a strong franchise to a seemingly invincible presence in the film world. Every single part of Phase Three has been a critical and financial success, with the entire shared universe crumbling down when Avengers: Infinity War arrived in theaters. Thanos ultimately triumphed by uniting the Infinity Stones, and destroying half the galaxy with the snap of a finger. This ended up translating to real life, as a Thanos subreddit recently banned half of its members in response. It was a hilarious move applauded by fans, although it turns out that not even directors Joe and Anthony were spared from Thanos' wrath. Because while Joe Russo is still in the Thanos subreddit, Anthony Russo faded away to dust just like many of the MCU's most beloved heroes.

In response to the Thanos subreddit's mass extinction, a new one was born for those who wanted to keep the joke going. Called IntThesSoulsStone, all of the formerly banned members were given access to another hub. This includes Anthony Russo, who entered the new reddit, saying:

Where am I...

This is all good fun for fans who want to keep living the absolutely crazy final moments from Avengers: Infinity War. Because while the fandom was expecting a handful of major character deaths, no one predicted Thanos actually completing his task and wiping out half of the galaxy. After his snap, the fans were left to watch in horror as hero after hero simply faded away into dust. Some of the MCU's most beloved members are presumably gone forever, leaving just a handful of heroes to somehow avenge the fallen characters.

The name of the new subreddit is also fascinating, especially with Anthony Russo joining to engage the fans. A common fan theory is that all of the characters who were killed with Thanos' finger snap (and maybe even Gamora?) were actually still alive, just trapped within the Soul Stone. So if they could find a way to reverse that snap, then, in theory, most of the characters could return from the dead. After all, how are we supposed to continue with the Spider-Man and Black Panther franchises when the heroes are just dust in the wind?

If Thanos' snap of death is somehow reversed, it should be fascinating to see how these two subreddits function. Will they be combined again? Will the Russo Brothers' internet presence be reunited? The suspense is almost as painful as waiting to see what happens in Avengers 4.

While we'll have to wait until March 3rd, 2019 to wait for Avengers 4, there is currently a Marvel blockbuster in theaters. You can see Ant-Man and The Wasp in theaters now, and be sure to check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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