Nathan Fillion Is Really Teasing Playing Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Movie

There has been interest in making a movie based on the Uncharted video game franchise for a long time, and for a long period of that time, fans had one person they wanted to see in the lead role, Nathan Fillion. At this point, it seems highly unlikely that we'll ever see Fillion in the role of Nathan Drake, but a recent social media post from the actor has started the rumor mill churning once again. Something is apparently set to happen on Monday that involves Fillion and somebody named Drake, so could he be playing the role after all?. Check it out.

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To break it all down. Sic Parvis Magna, is a Latin phrase which, roughly translated, means "great things come from small beginnings" and it's found on the coat of arms of Sir Francis Drake. The character of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted video game series is an adventurer and treasure hunter who believes himself to be a descendant of the famous explorer. The image, is of course, of the rapper Drake, not the video game character, but the Latin motto combined with an image of somebody with the name Drake has fans wondering what exactly we should be expecting to see on Monday, the date listed alongside the motto.

The thing is, the Uncharted movie is an active project right now, but the main character has been cast, and it's not Nathan Fillion. Instead, the plan is to make a movie set before any of the events of the video games, and Tom Holland is currently set to play a much younger Nathan Drake.

Of course, that doesn't mean that we might not still get Nathan Fillion in the Uncharted movie. It's possible Fillion could be on board in a completely different role. Holland's lead is the only part confirmed, so the rest of the cast is up for grabs. Fillion could be looking at the role of Sully, the older mentor of Drake. It might be fitting since Fillion is too old to play this version of the character, that he plays the man who teaches him. He could also go to the other side and play the villain or some other prominent part.

Of course, the best possible role, and potentially the one the Instagram post is actually hinting at, is that Nathan Fillion could play Nathan Drake after all. What if the plan is for the first Uncharted movie to be told as a flashback, and it opens on Nathan Fillion as Drake looking back on his younger days? It actually fits really well. While Fillion might have been the perfect choice to play Drake back when the games were new, it's been a decade since then, and Fillion is probably too old to play Nathan Drake in his prime, the version we see in the games, but he could absolutely play an older Nathan Drake, maybe somebody nearing the end of his career, looking back on how it all started.

And if the Uncharted movie is a success, there's no reason we couldn't get a future "Drake comes out of retirement" movie starring Nathan Fillion down the road. Action movies with older heroes are sort of a thing these days.

Of course, it's also possible that Monday we'll learn that Drake has new music coming out and Nathan Fillion is just really excited about it.

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