Nathan Fillion Made An Uncharted Fan Film, And It’s Incredible

Last week, Nathan Fillion was teasing something regarding himself and the Uncharted video game franchise. We've now seen what it is and it's (almost) everything we've ever hoped for. Our wildest dreams, of course, involve the casting of Nathan Fillion in a live-action Uncharted feature film. What we have here is Fillion starring in a 15-minute long fan film which does prove one thing, everybody was right about just how good Nathan Fillion would be as Nathan Drake. Check it out.

The film opens on the Baja Peninsula where a vehicle convoy arrives at a large estate and somebody with a bag over their head gets rushed inside. That person, unsurprisingly, is Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter, historian, and possibly thief, from the video game series Uncharted. It appears he stole a historical object from somebody fairly powerful, but it turns out he's not in quite as much trouble as it appears, as Drake let himself be captured in order to infiltrate the compound so that he might get some more information about an ancient lost treasure.

The highlight of the film comes in the latter half after Nathan Drake has jumped out a window. He draws a gun and says, "just like old times" and what follows is a cover-based gun sequence that looks like something right out of the video games. It culminates with a Nathan Drake flying punch, something else you're likely to see in the games, while strains of Nathan Drake's theme music play in the background. Has this movie been greenlit yet?

Nathan Fillion isn't the only name along for the ride. The film also co-stars Stephen Lang as Victor "Sully" Sullivan and Mircea Monroe as Elena.

Everything about this film is glorious. Like playing the Uncharted games, it's just pure fun. Fans of the franchise have wanted Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake in a movie for as long as talk of a movie has been around, and in an Instagram post that accompanied the reveal, Fillion spoke about how he has wanted to play the role just as much.

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If there's one problem with this fan film, directed by Alan Ungar, it's that it may be hard for people to accept the planned prequel movie starring Tom Holland after they see this. This is exactly what people want to see when it comes to an Uncharted feature film. Could this fan film have the same impact as the Deadpool test footage, creating a groundswell of fan support that actually makes a full movie happen? Time will tell.

This video certainly leaves me wanting more, and not just because it ends on a cliffhanger. Whether we get a feature film, or just another chapter of this one, I'd certainly watch more of Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake.

Dirk Libbey
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