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Exclusive Super Troopers 2 Blu-ray Deleted Scene Is Totally About Wolverine

Super Troopers 2 had a very unique route to the box office. The Broken Lizard gang crowdfunded the film at just the right time, when plenty of people on the Internet were still giving out their monies to fund projects via places like Indiegogo. When it hit theaters a few months ago, the movie had a solid opening weekend and went on to make over $30 million at the box office, so there's a chance if you were a fan of the original, you also caught the sequel. For those of us who dug the flick, the Blu-ray and DVD release hit this week, and comes with a handful of deleted and extended scenes, including a fun one feature Jay Chandrasekhar and a Wolverine joke that goes in a strange direction. Check it out courtesy of Commander Softpants Inc., right meow.

Early on in Super Troopers 2 -- and spoilers-- the members of the gang are no longer cops, instead working construction after a gruesome accident featuring Fred Savage. Eventually, they get a second chance at glory when some formerly Canadian land becomes American land and Captain O'Hagen needs policemen to keep the peace there. As one is wont to do, in the time since the team was fired from the Spurbury Police Department, they grew out their hair, resulting in a need to trim up and look cop-worthy again, which is where this extended clip comes in.

The Super Troopers gang does like to reference pop culture, and in that sense this Wolverine commentary fits right in. In the movie we get jokes about Danny DeVito and Fred Savage that land really well, and in some ways it is a little surprising that this nod to Marvel culture and adamantium claws did not make the final product. If I had to venture a guess, it may have something to do with the way Deadpool and its successor Deadpool 2 have pretty well dominated Wolverine jokes. It's tough to compete with a snarky dude in a mask who has actual access to Hugh Jackman. Regardless, this joke fits in really well as an extended scene on the disc, and sort of ties in within the overall cat nods in this franchise as a whole.

CinemaBlend has already talked to Steve Lemme, Jay Chandrasekhar, Erik Stolhanske and Paul Soter about the meow game and bringing back jokes from the original flick. While cat jokes seem to be a big deal for the gents, I'm not sure I was expecting a Cats joke. Speaking of Cats and cats, felines also come into play later in the movie in a scene featuring Fred Savage, which I have now brought up three times in this piece because it really works for me. So, if you haven't already, just watch it. You can rent it in your underwear now. There's no excuse.

No one may be jumping nimbly bimbly from tree to tree in this clip, but it does bring the laughs, and if you want to see more where that came from, you can catch Super Troopers 2 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. Extras on the disc include a making of featurette, a whole segment simply titled "Kevin Heffernan: Method Actor" and the aforementioned deleted and extended scenes, so now you have all the information you need about Super Troopers 2 to make an informed purchasing decision.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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