Henry Cavill Doesn't Think Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut Would Make A Difference

Henry Cavill

The Snyder Cut has been the source of much debate since Justice League underperformed and disappointed some fans last year, with many wondering if things might have been different if Zack Snyder's complete vision was left intact. Since then, 'Release the Snyder Cut' has been a rallying cry for fans campaigning to see a cut of a movie that they believe will vindicate the director and deliver the great Justice League movie that fans have always wanted to see. Yet Superman actor Henry Cavill doesn't quite see it that way, doubting the Snyder Cut would change much, as he explained:

I don't know if [a Snyder cut] actually exists so the only way I can look at it is as a business model, and I don't know what difference it's going to make. There are stories to be told, which need to be told and adjustments that can be made, but that's not going to make any difference

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Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK, Henry Cavill touches on some of the major obstacles that are often overlooked when people demand the Snyder Cut. Fans can say it exists, but until it's released in theaters or on Blu-ray, we don't really know that for sure. Zack Snyder may have filmed his entire vision and had an assembly cut put together, but that is not the same thing as a finished film, and there would probably be plenty of VFX still needed to complete it. As Henry Cavill notes, looking at it as a business model, (and make no mistake, WB, along with every other movie studio, is a business), it doesn't make financial sense to release the Snyder Cut. If the Snyder Cut doesn't fully exist or isn't finished, it would need to be and that would cost money, so sinking more money into a film that fell short of expectations is unlikely.

But there is an argument out there about maintaining an artist's vision, and Justice League as it stands isn't Zack Snyder's vision or even Joss Whedon's. So business concerns aside, there is a level of curiosity among the fanbase, even those who don't like what Zack Snyder did with Batman v Superman, to see what he had in mind for Justice League. Henry Cavill addressed this lingering 'what if':

I think it might be entertaining, for sure, and go, 'Oh look, now I've scratched that itch,' but it's not going to change anything that I can think of, it's not going to make huge amounts of money all of a sudden for a studio.

That's the thing: as much as we might want to see Zack Snyder's true vision for Justice League, beyond sating curiosity, it won't change anything. Warner Bros. is kind of damned if they do and damned if they don't here. Adjustments were made to Justice League after Batman v Superman to change course and set the DCEU on a different path. Let's say the Snyder Cut is released and everyone loves it: it wouldn't make much difference because the DC films are now already moving away from that vision. Fans would still lament what might have been, but changing course again and again is simply not tenable. Despite the passion of the DC diehards, a Snyder Cut theatrical or home release would not be some huge moneymaker for the studio. All that said, it would still be kind of cool to deliver the Snyder Cut to a segment of the fanbase that feels they were denied something with the theatrical Justice League.

We'll hopefully be getting a better idea of what the future holds for the DC Film Universe at Comic-Con this week, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend, and check out our guide for all of the upcoming DC movies.

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