Henry Cavill Would Have Changed His Facial Hair Had He Known About Justice League Reshoots

henry cavill's mustache in mission: impossible fallout

It's been eight months since Warner Bros.' Justice League hit theaters, and in that time there has been a lot of talk about Henry Cavill's CGI'd facial hair. I really mean a lot. An abundance. Oodles and gobs of talk, people. It had started slowing down for a while, but now we've hit the point where Mission: Impossible -- Fallout is about to hit theaters, complete with the mustache that totally threw off Justice League's reshoots. Naturally, we're talking about mustachegate again. Or rather, Henry Cavill is, as he recently revealed if he had known the Justice League reshoots were going to be needed he probably would have chosen a different facial hair choice. Per Cavill:

Had I known the Justice League reshoots were coming I'd have probably made a different choice.

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It's amazing how one seemingly minor character choice can lead to months and months of jokes, questions and speculation. When I originally saw Henry Cavill's mustache for Mission: Impossible -Fallout, my first thought was: What an epic 'stache. It is very prominent on the actor's face, and it's easy to see how much effort it took to grow and why Paramount didn't really want Cavill wearing a fake 'stache in order to help Justice League with its reshoots issue.

If you've kept tabs on mustachegate, you may already know that after Zack Snyder left Justice League, a decision was made to reshoot some of the scenes in the movie, but Cavill already was working on Mission: Impossible -- Fallout and the 'stache was in place. Reportedly, Warner Bros. even offered to pay for post production to add a mustache to Cavill in the Tom Cruise starrer, because it was allegedly easier to add the mustache than to remove it, but Paramount declined. It may have not been Paramount's problem, but the studio has gotten a lot of mileage out of mustachegate in the time since.

Although a lot of memorable CGI ended up coming with Henry Cavill's mustache, in the interview with Square Mile the actor also said that it had some major pros. Namely, it kept him camouflaged. For the first time in years, people didn't holler "Superman" at him when he was out and about in public. However, the second he decided to go back to his clean-shaven look, the recognition began all over again. Per the actor:

I was in America for, I think, three hours, and I had been asked for eight photographs. When I sat down in a restaurant I was like, 'Wow, I forgot what it was like.'

Really, Henry Cavill just needs to think out the next movie role he takes and stick with a mustache. His life as a celebrity would be so much easier if people weren't pointing him out as Superman at every turn. I know the Magnum P.I. lead for TV has already gone to Jay Hernandez, but there have to be plenty of other mustachioed characters out there he could take on. Movember for life.

For now, you can catch Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible -- Fallout, the sixth movie in the popular action franchise, which opens on July 27. To find out what else is hitting theaters before the end of the year, take a look at our full movie schedule.

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