The Ultimate Predator Ripped The Head Off A Normal Predator In Badass Comic-Con Video

The Predator

When 20th Century Fox took over Hall H at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, they needed only one movie to capture everyone's attentions: Shane Black's The Predator. The upcoming sequel has shown off a few trailers that suggest the presence of Jacob Tremblay and Olivia Munn, and have hinted at the camaraderie of the military team led by Boyd Holbrook and Keegan-Michael Key. But the hook of the Hall H footage today was the appearance of the Ultimate Predator. And he was a total badass. When asked what the Ultimate Predator brings to the screen, Key elaborated:

First of all, the difference between being 7 feet tall and 11 feet tall is a marked difference. Also, there is a sense that... his markings are different. The eyes are very human. Which is one of the biggest differences. The smaller Predators have more of these kind of reptilian eyes. But he's much more of a tank. There's more brute strength there. The smaller Predators, they're very intelligent hunters, and they move swiftly. Like, you heard Shane [Black] say, they move like the wind. Like a deadly wind. And this guy, it's all power.

It was so much power, that the Ultimate Predator -- who towers over the smaller Predator he fights -- ripped his antagonist through a wall, slammed him down onto a car, punch a hole in his skull, and then beheaded him. Brutally.

How the human cast is going to fend off this Predator is beyond me.

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The cast of The Predator had other things on their mind, though. During the Hall H panel, the cast told an hysterical story that I had them recount in CinemaBlend's video suite. Apparently, while filming the movie, the cast would gather in Keegan-Michael Key's trailer, and watch old Blaxploitation movies. And they took lines from vintage flicks like Dolemite, then attempt to work them into Shane Black's movie. I'd quote the line, but you really need to hear it from Key, himself. It's hilarious:

Shane Black's The Predator dominated Hall H with an outstanding presentation. The movie will be in theaters on September 14, and stars Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevonte Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Sterling K. Brown, Jake Busey, Alfie Allen and Yvonne Strahovski. We will have more from our exclusive interview with the cast of The Predator, and LOTS more from Comic-Con, in the coming weeks.

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