What Nathan Fillion Loves About Playing Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Fan Film

Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in Uncharted

It's the role that Nathan Fillion was born to play. And yet, no one was letting him actually play it... until now. There have been numerous similarities between Fillion and Nathan Drake, the treasure-seeking, Indiana Jones-esque hero of Naughty Dog's Uncharted video games. If you played the games, and you were familiar with Fillion from Firefly or Castle (to name just a few), you made the connection between their personalities, their styles, and their sense of humor. Now that Fillion has actually played Drake in an Uncharted short fan film (which we will link below), we asked him what he enjoyed most about wearing the role, and he explained:

What I love about him is how blissfully unprepared he is. He's not the guy I would call in an emergency situation. But he certainly does like to fly by the seat of his pants, and I do admire that. I just wouldn't put him on my super-reliable-guy list on my phone.

This stems back to a conversation we recently had with Tom Cruise and the cast of Mission: Impossible -- Fallout, about whether super spy Ethan Hunt is a really good agent, or just really lucky. (For the record, a lot of people tied to the series think Ethan is lucky.) Nathan Drake, over the course of his video game adventures, has used his skills to get to exotic locations and retrieve fantastic and valuable historical items. But there are a lot of time that Nathan's "blissfully unprepared" nature, as Nathan Fillion puts it, has bailed him out of dangerous situations.

The Uncharted fan film was directed by Allan Unger, and was meant to reward fans who have been waiting to see Nathan Fillion finally in the role of the infamous treasure seeker. Naughty Dog reps have voiced their support for the short, which you can watch by clicking below.

Want to see Nathan Fillion talking about playing Nathan Drake, in CinemaBlend's video suite at San Diego Comic-Con? Of course you do:

Right now, there's no real plan for Allan Unger and Nathan Fillion to keep exploring the adventures of Nathan Drake and his team. There are talks about a digital series, though Sony also plans to do an Uncharted movie with Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Far From Home). Stay tuned for more developments on both projects as news develops.

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