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See What Ryan Reynolds Would Look Like As The Flash

There are few marriages between actor and comic book character more perfect and destined than Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool. However, although we now view Ryan Reynolds as the definitive big screen version of the Merc with a Mouth, there is another superhero that he would have also been ideal for and one that he once wanted to play: the Wally West Flash. It's unlikely that this will happen now given the success of Deadpool and that the DC universe still has to flesh out the Barry Allen Flash, but it's still fun to imagine Ryan Reynolds as the wise-cracking speedster. Or better yet, instead of imagining, take a look at what Ryan Reynolds would look like as the Flash:

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As always, BossLogic does a great job capturing and exceeding our imaginations with this image. Ryan Reynolds would be perfectly suited to play Wally West largely because of his personality, but this shows that he could look the part too, although I expect it might take a while to get his hair that long. Like all superheroes, Wally West's look has changed over the years, but this is one of his more distinctive looks with the hair out and the big ear wings echoing his Kid Flash costume. The suit looks really cool too (modeled after what he's worn in the Rebirth comics Era); it's very sleek and aerodynamic, and likely a huge upgrade from Barry Allen's makeshift suit in Justice League. Hopefully that onscreen Flash improves his suit over time now that he has that Bruce Wayne backing him. You can even see a little bit of a spark in Ryan Reynold's eyes in this image, hinting at the speed flowing through the fastest Flash.

Once upon a time, Ryan Reynolds would have been the perfect Wally West, as this image and any knowledge of the character makes clear. And perhaps if WB had tried to launch a universe with Ryan Reynolds as The Flash instead of Green Lantern, things might be very different. But as it stands, this picture is probably as close as we'll get to a Ryan Reynolds Wally West Flash. Ezra Miller, who is much younger than Reynolds, is currently playing the Barry Allen Flash in the DC films, and he hasn't even starred in his own solo film yet. So it will probably be a while before we get a younger Wally West for Barry Allen to mentor.

Despite all that, given the time travel shenanigans the Flash character often finds himself a part of, I suppose you can never say never about a Ryan Reynolds Wally West. Although considering the Deadpool 2 end-credits scenes, I'm guessing the actor won't be making that gamble again.

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