Ezra Miller's Description Of Wearing The Flash Suit Is Hilarious And Revealing

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League

Playing a superhero can be a fun experience, especially if the actor grew up admiring that particular character in the comics and/or other media. That being said, as with any role, playing a superhero also comes with challenges, and often times that includes wearing an elaborate costume. In Ezra Miller's case, he made his full debut as The Flash last November in Justice League, and with that came donning the DC Extended Universe's take on the Scarlet Speedster's suit. As for how comfortable it felt wearing this costume, Miller stated that while it initially wasn't the greatest experience, eventually he got to a point where he thought less about comfort and more about how great it was to have it on. Miller explained:

What I say is that there's a scale, and comfort/discomfort is one one thing of the scale, and on the other hand is awesomeness. And the balance it takes towards awesomeness, you quickly stop thinking comfort/discomfort. And it was actually, I'll tell you, very form-fitting, incredibly mobile. They did a lot of work. I'll tell you the truth, when I first tried it on, it was terrible...'What if there's a Parademon like up above my head? I can't actually move my arm past this point.' They did a lot of work to make it more mobile and flexible. It's an amazing thing, they build a real tactical suit from scratch.

The Flash costume was one of many topics that Ezra Miller talked about alongside Cyborg actor Ray Fisher during their panel at Wizard World Portland this past weekend. Although Miller officially debuted as Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he wasn't seen wearing the Flash's classic suit until his cameo in Suicide Squad, and the suit was put to full use in Justice League over a year later. While Miler's Flash suit doesn't look nearly as cumbersome as the bulky Batman suit Ben Affleck has to wear, it didn't look like it was particularly comfortable to wear, but evidently once the costume designers made the appropriate changes, Miller was not only to move around more freely, but also appreciated how much work went into the suit's creation.

Within the DCEU itself, Barry Allen's Flash costume is made up of the same kind of anti-friction material that NASA uses to protect its spaceships from burning up during reentry. That's especially useful for a guy that runs at superhuman speed, but as Ezra Miller noted, if Flash isn't actually able to lift his arms or head past a certain mark, it makes fighting Parademons and other dangerous enemies extremely difficult. If wearing Flash's suit is now an "awesome" experience for Miller, maybe the costume designers on his next DC movie will be able to make it even more enjoyable to put on.

Ezra Miller is expected to reprise Barry Allen for Flash's standalone movie next (which is reportedly no longer called Flashpoint), though no release date has been assigned yet. To stay up to date on what the DCEU has in development (including Aquaman, which swims into theaters on December 21), look through our DC movies guide.

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