What The Meg 2 Should Be About, According To The Director

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Plenty of monster movies have spawned sequels over the years, with Steven Spielberg's Jaws standing out as a prime example of how the shark genre can expand beyond a single installment. With that in mind, I recently asked Jason Statham and director Jon Turtletaub about the direction to take The Meg in a second installment, and while they didn't have any concrete ideas for a sequel, Turtletaub did note that a sequel definitely shouldn't go bigger. Addressing the current status of Jonas Taylor, Turtletaub explained:

He's on vacation. If there's another one of these, everyone's high fiving. We never make a movie thinking there will be another one. It's bad luck, and you just can't believe you're ever going to finish the first one. But where would you go? Hopefully not the route other bad sequels go and just start making things bigger. It's Uber Meg and Mega Megs, and all of that. Oh my god.

The Meg is based on a series of novels by Steve Alten, so it's reasonable to think about a possible future for this world. Nevertheless, Turtletaub doesn't want to go too far thinking about where this story could go beyond the first installment. However, he was willing to point out that many bad sequels up the scale and the scope of the conflict, so a sequel in The Meg's universe wouldn't and shouldn't do that.

If you want to hear what else Jon Turtletaub and Jason Statham had to say about the possibility of a second Meg movie, then check out a clip from our interview, below!

So a sequel is most certainly not off of the table. That said, as Jason Statham noted in his own remarks: he's due for a holiday, and probably not too keen to fight another shark just yet.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Meg! Read ahead at your own risk!

Of course, if The Meg 2 does ever happen, then the folks behind the sequel will need to bring out new sharks for our heroes to fight. The two that appear in The Meg are killed by the end of the film, seemingly saving the day for the foreseeable future. That said, the film very clearly implies that some weird stuff is lurking at the bottom of the ocean floor, so it's always possible that more creatures are lurking down there to stir up more trouble for Jason Statham's Jonas Taylor.

End of spoilers for The Meg.

The Meg is currently in theaters, and CinemaBlend will keep you posted with more information about a possible sequel as further details are made available to us. Until then, head over to our review of The Meg, as well as our review roundup, to read what folks are saying about it.

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