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Top Gun 2 Has Added Jon Hamm And More To Its Cast

Jonn Hamm

The cast of the upcoming Top Gun sequel has been growing fast, but the long-awaited project just added even more names, including a couple of potentially big ones. Mad Men star Jon Hamm has come on board the film, as has Academy Award nominee Ed Harris. While neither role has been revealed, names like this don't tend to be added for small, unimportant parts. In addition to these two big names, Lewis Pullman, an up and coming actor, and the son of actor Bill Pullman, has also joined the cast.

An entire laundry list of actors recently joined Top Gun: Maverick, but few of them were names most movie fans would recognize. Now, according to Deadline, we have two significant names that have joined the cast. Jon Hamm made his name on the AMC series Mad Men but has since made the transition to film with roles in movies like Edgar Wright's Baby Driver and the more recent comedy Tag. He'll next be seen as part of the ensemble cast of Bad Times at the El Royale.

One of his co-stars in that last movie will actually be Lewis Pullman, who will join Hamm in the Top Gun sequel. Pullman has also been seen in Battle of the Sexes and The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Ed Harris The Rock

Ed Harris has played hard-nosed military types before, so seeing him as part of Top Gun: Maverick is fairly easy. While his role is still a mystery, seeing him as the head of the Top Gun school where Tom Cruise's character works, or some other high ranking military official, isn't exactly a stretch.

Top Gun: Maverick will follow Tom Cruise's Pete Mitchell as an instructor at the flight school he attended in the original film. The son of his former partner and friend Goose, who will be played by Miles Teller, attends the school and Cruise becomes a mentor to the young pilot.

It's more than a little amazing that after all the talk of a sequel to Top Gun that's been going on ever since the original film became a massive hit, it's finally happening. Most of us had written this one off a long time ago, but here we are. Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled for release in July of 2019.

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