Looks Like Black Panther's Suit Has A Secret Message For T'Challa's Mother

It's been several months since Black Panther first took the world by storm and became one of the highest grossing movies ever. The movie really connected with a wide audience, and even the minor characters left an impact on audiences, like Shuri and Okoye. While Angela Basset's Queen Ramanda doesn't get as much chance to shine, there are at least two people who really loved her: her kids. One eagle-eyed Black Panther fan spotted a tiny detail on Black Panther's suit that, when translated, apparently reads, "I Love You Mom."

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Movie fans will remember that T'Challa gains a new suit courtesy of his sister, Shuri in the first act of Black Panther. In addition to being more streamlined, the suit stores kinetic energy and glows purple as it takes in more damage. When Shuri is first demonstrating the suit, a message written in the Wakandan language briefly flashes in purple. One Redditor who goes by the name thecruiser, decided to decipher the language. Apparently, this can be accomplished because there is an actual written and spoken Wakandan language. It turns out that the phrase on the suit reads "I Love You Mom," which is obviously very sweet.

Practically speaking, it doesn't make much sense to put that kind of details on an advanced battle suit-- but you don't really need much reason to tell your mom you love her. One way of looking at this is Shuri leaving a touching message for Queen Ramanda. The two of them had a very playful but loving relationship, so this is a nice extra detail. If you step back a bit, it could also be director Ryan Coogler directly addressing his own mother. Either way, the levels of sweetness are at max capacity.

When fans last saw Queen Ramanda, she was safely back in Wakanda after T'Challa took back his place on the throne. However, a lot has happened in the MCU since then, and Ramanda's status is unknown after Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos' snap wiped out a lot of favorite characters -- including Black Panther -- but it's unknown if Ramanda was affected as well. If she wasn't, then the role of leading Wakanda falls onto either her or Shuri -- assuming that Shuri survived as well.

We likely won't know the fate of these characters until Avengers 4, which doesn't hit theaters until May 3, though, it might be coming out a little sooner than that. After that, Black Panther 2 will no doubt be a top priority for Marvel. It's not every day that they make a movie with a legitimate chance at an Oscar nomination. For more Marvel movie news, be sure to keep checking in with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated.

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