Watch The Rock Surprise A Teenager Over Her High School’s Loud Speaker

Has there ever been a human being as utterly charming and instantly likable as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? The wrestler-turned-blockbuster movie star continually brings joy to people on screen and off (people not named Vin Diesel, at least), showing how a little kindness and recognition can mean so much to someone. In his latest example of winning hearts and minds in advance of his eventual presidential run, The Rock surprised a teenager over her high school loudspeaker, announcing that he had bought out a theater for her and her friends to go see his new movie Rampage. Check out her tearful reaction below:

You can really see the complete disbelief on her face when she and her classmates hear this message from The Great One. Everyone is so excited and her tears of joy upon realizing who it is and hearing her name is great. It undoubtedly meant a lot to her that Dwayne Johnson would do this, and it's awesome that The Rock took to Twitter also to give her a little extra love. This was also a super cool way for The Rock to announce this gesture to Katie Kelzenberg. I don't even remember if we had regular morning announcements in high school, much less their content, and I'm pretty sure none of them were exciting. The Rock could have just contacted her on social media, but giving her that moment out of the blue surrounded by her peers made it unforgettable.

If you're wondering how this came about, as Dwayne Johnson explained on his Instagram, the high schooler, named Katie Kelzenberg, a self-described Rock superfan, was trying to get The Rock to be her date to prom. Unfortunately, The Rock will be in Hawaii shooting the Jungle Cruise movie the weekend of the prom, so he can't make it. But because he's The Rock and never wants to disappoint his fans, he decided to rent out a local theater for Katie and her family and friends to go see Rampage. He also paid for all the popcorn, candy and drinks that the guests could want. Renting out a theater is one thing, but have you seen concession prices, Rocky? You better keep those blockbusters coming, because that bill is going to be steep.

I honestly don't know how Dwayne Johnson manages to shoot all his movies and TV shows, lift all the weights and still find time to record personalized messages to his young fans like this. He must have a time-turner or something. It's really amazing how often Dwayne Johnson goes above and beyond, taking his time and money and doing things he doesn't have to just to brighten someone's day and build that relationship he has with his fans. This isn't even the first Rampage-related kindness Dwayne Johnson has done recently. At a special screening of the movie, The Rock sang "Happy Birthday" to a 12-year old kid who was in attendance.

Rampage is big, dumb fun, but it actually works a lot better than most video game movies. You can check it out in theaters now. And to see what Dwayne Johnson superfans can look forward to in the future, check out our list of The Rock's upcoming movies.

Nick Evans

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