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It's every MCU fan's dream to see what it's like to be on set of an Avengers film. Especially the upcoming Avengers 4 installment, which will presumably have everyone from Iron Man to the Guardians of Galaxy to newcomer Captain Marvel facing Thanos in an ultimate showdown. After all, he left some of the heroes as literal piles of dust after his infamous snap. Apparently all you need to do to get the Russo brothers to invite you on set is to see Avengers: Infinity War over 40 times, as superfan Tony "Nem" Mitchell did. The YouTuber has gone to see the box office smash hit once or twice a day since the movie's release, leading to its filmmakers to take notice and invite him to set. Take a look.

As shown in this Twitter post, while Avengers 4 is undergoing reshoots (including the filming of the installments final moments), the Russo Brothers brought Nem to set. This exclusive opportunity comes after the filmmakers initially found the superfan, and reached out to him with a free ticket to the world premiere of Avengers 4 this spring. Before stepping on set, Nem also scored 50 free tickets from IMAX of any showing, of his choosing to which he invited 49 people to join him for Ant-Man and the Wasp. As expected, visiting the set of Avengers 4 includes seeing a whole bunch of green screens, but Nem likely got to geek out with the cast and see some of the set props, including the Infinity Gauntlet, which he gushed about getting to hold on Twitter.

Since being noticed by news outlets for seeing the movie every day since release back in June, Nem has continued his repeated viewings, most recently boasting that he has seen the film 103 times. When he first watched it he thought it was the "greatest movie he had ever seen" and knew he would go back and see it again a few more times. Nem just couldn't stop throwing his money at Avengers: Infinity War though, certainly breaking some kind of movie-watching record. After so many revisits to the movie, he has shared one particular insight regarding Doctor Strange's decision to hands over the Time Stone to Thanos. He noticed a "little orb or magic" around it when Thanos is holding them together in his hand, leading him to believe Doctor Strange put a spell on the stone.

Avengers 4 is just under a year away, but it has been kept highly under wraps so far, including from the superfan set visitor. with hope of a trailer drop in the near future. The follow-up to culmination of the MCU will hit theaters on May 3, 2019.

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